Halloween 2016

Monday, October 31, 2016
Another Halloween has come and gone!  It's the first Halloween where they both have picked exactly what they wanted to be, without any help from me ...  I can't choose any cute costumes anymore ... they are growing up before my eyes!  My older son went off and tricker treated with friends ... *tears. But you know what, these two make me so happy, and they are SO funny!  Best friends!

Happy Halloween Everyone!!


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Hello Fall, Hello Buffalo Check

Monday, September 26, 2016
Perfect Timing -
With the weather in the upper 90's, it sure didn't feel like the first day of Fall this week.  It was hard trying to get into the spirit of bringing out all the Fall decor and decorating the house.  However, this weekend, we had a cool front move through and some heavy rains.  As I am sitting here typing this,  I have a warm cup of joe and the heater pointed on my toes.  Seriously - perfect timing!

I love Fall.  I love *most* everything about it.  The warmth of sweaters, warm coffee, crisp air, Football, Pumpkins, Hayrides - you name it - I am IN!  This year is no different.  The Hubs was gone over the weekend, which left the perfect time to get our home "Fall Ready."  One of the first things I do is set our Fall Table -  here it is.  I am loving the Buffalo Check - and YES, I added this ALL over my home! [photos to come]

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Back to School :: Imhoff Boys 2016

Tuesday, August 30, 2016
One of my favorite photos each year is of the kids first day of school!  They are always LESS than excited, but they are so sweet and let me take all the photos I want ... at least for this year!

Happy School Year Boys - Hope it's the best year yet!!!


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FFL Horned Frogs + Cowboys

Tuesday, August 23, 2016
Seriously, how cool is this?!
B's FFL team was selected to play at the half-time show at the Cowboy's game last weekend and they made this awesome video for them to remember it by.  I am so thankful they did, because I was too far away to take any decent photos. 

It was the coolest experience for both the Hubs and Braeden.  I know they will remember it forever.

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Pampered Mom's Fig & Cheese Platter

Thursday, August 4, 2016
Oh Guys - talk about YUMMY!!!  I have to tell you how this all came about.  The family I work for has two girls.  These girls are super entrepreneurial ... is that a word?!  But they have started just a few businesses in their day ... Two Sisters Eggs and NOW ... Two Sisters Figs!

So they brought me these delicious Figs.  OF COURSE I had to do something with them and make yummy meals and snacks!  So we made this Fig based tiered platter.  One the Top we have [1.] Figs and Basil with drops of Goats Cheese, Middle are [2.] Goat Cheese and Fig Jam with Basil Wrapped Prosciutto on Brochetta Bread, and at the bottom are [3.] Grapes and Cheese.  Does it get any better than this?! ohhhh ... don't forget the wine!

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