Imhoff Kitchen Inspiration and Visual Board

Thursday, January 22, 2015
Inspiration for the kitchen is coming along nicely.  In fact, everything has been selected and is currently in production except for the granite, which will be chosen next week.
1.  Our cabinets will be all white, with a very dark, almost black island.  2. These will be our barstools that will fit under the overhang of the island. Found at World Market  3. These pulls and matching knobs will be the jewelry of our cabinets.  Found at RH4. We also opted for clear glass filament pendant lights for the island.  I am loving these "old school" light bulbs, which will make the light!  5. One of the main focal points of our kitchen is the wooden stovetop vent.  Ryan and I probably looked at 50 houses and we couldn't figure out what it was that we "loved" about certain houses. Enter the design center and bam - we saw it and new this was an upgrade that would make the kitchen feel complete and high end.  6. I always want to add personal touches to each space.  This photo represents a few recipes we'll frame and have displayed from both Ryan and I's Grandmothers.  I am really excited about this fun project that I'll put together before we move in.  Thank you Grandmas!  7. The Granite.  I am nervous about the granite, I have to say. However, next week I am on my way to select the block.  Right now we have chosen a white cashmere granite, but I have a feeling when I visit the granite yard things may change, but it will be a light option like the photo below.  8. And finally, the backsplash is a Grey Glass Subway tile.  Very modern, but I can't wait to see this with the white cabinets and light granite.  A very subtle contrast, but all my favorite colors!


Here's the bare bones in the Model Home.  You can see where some items will be similar and where we have made different selections.  But now you have a visual!

Okay, what is your kitchen like?  Did I miss something design wise?  After you built or completed a renovation any "I wish I would have's?"

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Piecing Together the Dining Room

Thursday, January 15, 2015
I started playing around earlier this month with ideas for the dining room.  To me, it was the largest room that NEEDED a key design.  The kitchen is designed to be stress free, with minimal extra precision needed and our family room I will be using all pre-existing furniture.
Before we moved to Texas, I sold me beloved pottery-barn styled dining room table, and although it was a good decision, I have been stuck on ideas ever since.  I just kept putting off even thinking about the dining room and just kept thinking, "I'll know when I see it."  It once again proved to be right.  I first started looking at shades of dining tables.  Do I go really dark, medium or how about the really light colored tables that are really popular now.  What is a safe buy and what will be a "chance".  Or better yet, what will I still like in 10+ years ... do I have to be married to the look for the rest of my life?!  I know - I get very stressed out like this is the only table I will ever have.
 To me, dark and very light were chances, but I REALLY liked them both. My last dining room table was a "safe" color that would look good from year to year.  SO, I thought, I will just find a table online and then DIY it to look the way I want, save some money and then when I find the table of my dreams, I'll pick it up.  So the hunt began.  I found a lot of tables that I was satisfied with, however, nothing was pulling at my coat strings.  With all the other projects I need to get done before the house is complete, will this send me over the edge?  Enter ---- Restoration Hardware.  I usually go into this store to just browse and get ideas. Never to really buy unless it's on sale or very small.  Tiny budget here :)  BUT, on this very day, a table that I loved was 75% off ........ ummm WHAT?!  It actually made the table LESS than was I was going to pay, for something I was just getting by with.  Hold up - the chairs?  The chairs were priced less than the ones I found at IKEA ... holy cow, I need to jump on this table, spread out like I'm making a snow angle and hug the life out of it until Hubs can get here.  Are you picturing this?!  This is basically what I did.  The sweet, sweet man behind the table let me know it was just a show piece and that it wasn't going home with me today :)  Oops blush - newbie in isle 9 at RH!!!  Hopefully I didn't drawl too much attention.
Since the chairs weren't exactly what I wanted, we ended up just purchasing the table and soon, I was on another mission to find the perfect chairs.  [I had a vision!]  Enter Ethan Allen.

I walked inside and THERE, right by the front door was my look.  Almost exactly. Except for the black chairs, I wanted a Windsor Chair to make it a little more Farmhouse. So NOW, I have the look.
Complete with the jute rug I found at Ballard Designs. I'm telling you - I feel SO great about putting all the pieces together in my home when it's complete.  I chose a LIGHT table, which is taking a huge leap of faith for me, but seeing this all put together in EA, I know I made the right call. 

I still need to add drapes, but I believe I will be making these myself. 
What does your dining room look like?

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Selecting the Right Colors & Textures

Monday, January 12, 2015
In a way, it's nice to be able to start from scratch when you're building your home.  Newly painted walls, fresh untarnished floors and designing your own personal oasis in the kitchen.
Now that our home is framed, and the next steps are brick and dry wall, it's time to begin thinking about the space itself.  Colors, hues, and the overall feel of each area.  More importantly, the cohesion when moving from one room to another.
This past week I have put together a pallet of colors and textures to help me when selecting furniture, window coverings and area rugs for our home.  The main spaces being the kitchen, family room, and dining room.  For the most part, I have selected natural, organic and neutral colors and textures for each space.

The walls in our house will be all Grey, a builders grey selection.  We have also purchased a grey dining table.  The backsplash in our kitchen are a grey glass tile and we have selected grey barstools.  Along with other accents, greys will be found throughout the house.  It is my absolute favorite color!
Organic Wood & Textures:
Hardwood floors will be found throughout the main level.  We have chosen a dark, hand scrapped [against the grain] stain.  The kitchen island and the fireplace mantle will be a black wasabi color, which is a very deep brown.  To the naked eye, will look black.  Lighter, more natural, shades of wood grain will be found throughout the house in décor and furniture selections.
Black furniture, chairs, along with the island and mantle will give the allure of a farmhouse feel.  Our kitchen table & bedroom will be the main pieces throughout the house that incorporate black. 
Windows, stairway, trim all will be white.  As well as the cabinets, and a lighter countertop with black specs.  White will be a stable when it comes to furniture and accents.  Nothing is better to me than a white airy room. *Swoon*
This was by far the HARDEST choice of the whole house.  Do I go with Silver or Black light fixtures, door handles and vanity lights.  I lost sleep over this decision - honestly I did.  I still am on the fence, but have decided to go with all Silver, including the kitchen pulls.  I think because I am using dark wood stain in a few places, the silver will be a nice touch to  "glam" it up.  I will let you know if a few months if I made the right decision :)
My accent color.  You'll find this in plants, curtains, and other décor through the entire house.  I love the green mixed with the wood grain and whites to create a clean, farmhouse feel.
Here is a few of the inspirational photos I have been working on.  Our house wont look like the below photos, but the colors and hues in each represent our house well.  Except for the dark lights, where we will have silver. :)

Anyone else have any suggest for colors we should consider?  We would love to see photos as well!

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A Home Tour Video :: Framing

Friday, January 9, 2015
I thought you may want to check out our video of our house at the framing stage!
It's COLD here, and if it's cold here, I know it's FREEZING up North where we are from ... brrrr.
Maybe this video will warm you up :)

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French Farm House Tables ...

Thursday, January 8, 2015
Forgive me while I dream out load for a minute.  But I can not for the life of me get these images of French Farm House tables out of my head.  Total swoon fest right now.
I have always loved them.  It seems like I have been pinning their images for years. And over the past few weeks I have been searching for our very own dining room table and nothing has really felt right  I'll find something and think, yea, that will work.  But that's just it.  It would work fine, but I am not in love with it by any means.  When estimating just how much I will be spending on this "just ok" piece of furniture, I found myself hesitant to purchase anything at all.
This morning, as I was perusing the web as usual I caught a glimpse of a table and it was in that moment I realized ... I need this.  Not really NEED, but gosh, this is me, this is the look, THIS is the table that I would host dinners and friends around.
Oh, and then I realized I would need to sell my vehicle and my husbands just to own one.  BOO.  Why must these beauties be so much?!  I know, I know, they are the real deal, but a girl can dream right?!


If anyone is looking for the perfect housewarming gift, I just know the thing :)
[all images via Pinterest :: French Farm Table Search]

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