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Sunday, February 28, 2016

People often ask me questions about the building process.   A lot of them are in the middle of there's and they are always curious what we LOVE an what we would do differently the second time around.  I love this question.  Honestly, there is not much we would do differently, at least not at this point.  The thing about paint colors, cabinets, design, etc., is that these things change over time.  I mean, whoever thought avocado green appliances were ever "the thing to do," has me seriously baffled.  But it was a different time then, and we can only expect that homes need to be upgraded throughout the years.  Things like paint color, d├ęcor items, furniture, are easy to change.  What's not so easy is the design of a home.  You'll want to make sure you get that done the way like the first time, so you won't have to change anything in your immediate future!

There is however, one thing, one pre-construction item, that I would do EVERYTIME.  Hands down, it's the one thing I would never change in our new home.  Quite frankly, I am so used to it, that I am not sure I would be able to move to a home that did NOT have this key feature.  In fact, I feel SO strongly that this item should be considered by everyone who is building a new home.  It's also an item, that you may, or may not bring an increase in valuce, so it is a serious investment to think about.  For me, it's hands-down a NO BRAINER!

So what is it that I feel everyone home should have?

A Central Vac.  It adds so many key benefits to your home, I could not live without mine.  Aren't sure what a Central Vacuum is? 

It's a type of vacuum cleaner appliance, installed into a building as a semi-permanent fixture.
Central vacuum systems are designed to remove dirt and debris from homes and buildings, sending dirt particles through tubing installed inside the walls to a collection container in a remote utility space. The power unit is a permanent fixture, typically installed in a basement, garage, or storage room, along with the collection container. Inlets are installed in walls throughout the building that attach to power hoses and other central vacuum accessories to remove dust, particles, and small debris from interior rooms. Most power hoses typically have a power switch located on the handle. [Source]

Okay, hopefully that answered your question, if you were unfamiliar.  They are installed during construction because it runs through their own duct system throughout the house.  [Although I do believe you can install one after the fact - I just wouldn't want to personally try it.]  I have a hose, that plugs into special outlets throughout the home, and different attachments for cleaning.  Sounds simple right?!  It's because it is!  And I feel so strongly about the health benefits it has, that it's totally worth the initial investment.  If you have a Dyson, Kirby, or another name brand, high-end vacuum, you know they're expensive.  But what you may not be aware of, is that's it's not really cleaning your house.  The dirt, hair, and debris that your vacuum picks up, goes right back into the air, creating even more dust and pollution in the air you breath every day.  If you suffer from allergies, this is even worse news for you.  When a house is sealed up, there isn't much you can do to get all the dust out.  Sure, you can use your commercial dust spray, or vinegar, or natural products and wipe away the dust, but guess what?  It keeps coming back and floating all over your house.  There is really nothing that gets it out!  Bad news right?!?!

When you install a central vacuum system, the dirt, debris, hair, dust, and tiny particles are all picked up each time you vacuum, and instead of being blown out the other end, go through the duct system and OUT OF YOUR HOUSE!  It collects in a canister that you can then take out and dump in the trash - BOOM!

It's convenient, it gets into places you can't with a typical vacuum, and really makes the cleaning process incredibly EASY!  Have you ever realized the smell of your home after you vacuum with a typical bag or bagless vacuum?  Yuck!  You will have zero dirty smell after you vacuum with your central vac.  I mentioned before that you may or may not see an increase in the equity of your home.  It really depends on where you live.  It is a built in feature, so it's possible you will see an increase, in fact, it's property more likely than not.  But in communities where I live, people won't buy or not buy a house because they have one. It's basically just an added feature. None-the-less ... it's my
No. 1 thing I would never change and I would ADD to every New Build Home I lived in!


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Imhoff Home :: The Entry

Sunday, February 21, 2016

It's hard to believe that we have been in our home for almost a year.  This April will mark our one-year anniversary in the house, and I couldn't be more happy with how things turned out.  Through the entire design process, you are always questioning your choices and wondering how things will look once they are all put together.  Which light fixture will go where, which post will I choose for the staircase, the stains, the wall colors, not to mention the furniture you have to coordinate with.  It's a time where we had to totally consume ourselves into this house, and I think, we managed to do a pretty good job considering this was our first home build.  Sure there are things we would change, we know better about a few items, but overall, the process was great and I love the characteristics of our home.

Throughout the year, I have only shown snipbits of rooms, but I thought, now is the time to really go room-by-room and showcase what we have done.  Not everything is complete. It's always a work in process, but I'll explain those as we go.  Hubs and I are also fairly minimalist, therefore we don't have pictures on every wall, or furniture in every nook and cranny.  We like the home to feel light and airy, and not weighted down by materials everywhere you look.

So welcome to our Entry,
Which also shows our office, [more photos to come after the 4th of July], our mud room, and the view from the front door throughout the house.

 What do you love about it, and what would you change?  I am always looking for ways to improve, so I would love input!  From the front door views, it looks like we use  A LOT of wood, and it's a little heavy, however, as you move throughout the house, we use a lot of neutral colors and less wood furniture.

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Pampered Mom's Winter Tablescape 2016

Sunday, February 14, 2016
After the Holidays are over and all the decorations are put away, do you find yourself thinking how bare your table looks?!  I do every year, and it's usually around February when I set the table to our February dinner parties.  In the Winter, I always look for clean, natural pieces, without a lot of fuss.

Artichokes are great statement piece.  Not only to do they look great, but we love cooking with them. Actually, buttered artichokes are a great appetizer for when we have friends over, as well as, spinach artichoke dip.  Warm up the table a bit with candles both tall and small, and add a fresh bouquet of flowers.  We usually run to Trader Joe's the day before our guests arrive.  Add soup bowls for the first course instead of salad in the winter, and you'll be a hero on those chilly nights!

Since I had a lot of cotton hanging around, I incorporated it on the host plates and in the bowl on our china cabinet.  When decorating any table, a secret it to always bring something from outdoors in. 

Cheers! xoxo

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