Gala plus Migrane equals Disaster

Saturday, January 30, 2010
Last night was the Gala, it was a really fun theme of Camber Royal 117. Mocking the James Bond Movie, Casio Royal 007. The 117 came from the 117th Annual Chamber Gala. I thought it was a great theme, just fell short in a few areas. I would have definitely made some changes if I were planning the event, but overall, I thought it was ok. It was actually more fun getting ready for the event. I got a pedicure, did my nails, took the kids to Columbia to hang out with Grandma all night, and then headed back to get ready.

Once we arrived, Ryan and I had a few drinks and made our way to our table. We were sat with Ryan's company, and overall had a great crowd. There were two wines at our table supplied by a local winery for our enjoyment during dinner. After I finished the wine I had purchased at the bar, I decided to taste the white wine supplied. Immediately after I poured the wine in my glass, I knew I was in trouble ... let me explain.

I get migraines pretty often. People get migraines for a laundry list of reasons, but my triggers are smells (especially cigarette smoke) and sunlight. For some reason, this wine just sent me over the edge. I got a headache instantly and had to leave the awards ceremony to get some Tylenol. The Tylenol never helped my headache, and the remainder of the night I was in pain. It wasn't until we left the Gala and headed to the hotel bar where it got really bad. Inside this bar you could smoke. And being around all that smoke with my headache, triggered a migraine.

Imagine sitting at the bar with all of Ryan's co-workers, trying to have a good time, but not being able to make coherent sentences ... awful. At one moment, I thought I was going to spew all over everyone. After running to the bathroom and leaning over the stall, I realized my nerves got the best of me. I was just too embarrassed to puke in the nice hotel ... I'm sure the staff thanks me!

After literally sitting there for hours, Ryan was finally ready to leave. Now ... I am SICK, and I mean, could puke any minute sick. Ryan had been drinking and could not drive home. Thus, I said I would drive since I had not had a drink since dinner. There is an inch of snow outside, and it's probably 5 degrees ... umm, not exactly what I wanted to do. FINALLY I got us home, RAN inside, and PUKED my little heart out for what seemed like an hour. I took a shower, got dressed, and laid down in bed and did not wake back up until 10 this morning.

WHAT IN THE WORLD?? I just wanted to have a good night dang it!


Bedroom Clue #3

Friday, January 29, 2010
Here is another clue on our "almost finsihed bedroom." I am SOO ready for it to be complete, but because of some unexpected changes, it's probably going to take another month ... BUT, I promise it will be worth it!

First of all, we only bought about 4 items, everything else is something that we already had. I am loving the fact that we can repurpuse some items in our home, but still create that beautiful bedroom that we have been longing for.

Here is our third clue ...


Finally Some Sunshine

Thursday, January 21, 2010
I don't know about the rest of you, but here in Missouri it has been so dreary and cold, and the fog has been unbelievable. It's hard when you have a really active boy to tell him AGAIN that you are going to stay at home and inside all day. He's way too active for that.

Yesterday the sun came out and it actually warmed up a bit. As soon I could see it shining through the windows, I packed up the kids and took them to the park. I needed to get out of the house just as much as they did I think.

Of course I took my camera and took about a million pictures, but I'll spare you and just show you some of my favorites!

Hope the sun is shining wherever you are!


Stone Bath Mat by Lowes

Sunday, January 17, 2010
Did anyone happen to catch this beautiful stone bath mat in the latest issue of Lowes Creative Ideas? It was a really small picture on the back page which referred you to their website, but I just knew I had to check it out more.

I was so pleased to see it was an easy project and something I could do in an afternoon ... got to love those! I am planning on heading to our local Lowes tomorrow and surprising Ryan ... I just don't know where to put it. It would look great in a bathroom, mudroom or outdoors!

Here are the project details, but check out the website for the tutorial.

Skill level: Beginner
Rough cost estimate: $40*
Rough time estimate: 3 hours

Lowe’s List

1 (2- x 5-foot) roll of white nonadhesive shelf liner (#174006)
1 bag of black polished stones (#139477)
1 bag of white polished stones (#33909)
1 bag of pea gravel (#92130)
3 tubes of clear window/door silicone sealant (#47970)

tape measure
utility scissors
permanent marker
caulk gun
*Does not include applicable taxes, which vary by market, or the cost of tools.


Braeden and Playdoh

Saturday, January 16, 2010
Oh my gosh, this kid LOVES playdoh. Everyday for the last month we have been busting out the doh for Braeden to play with. He has gotten to the point now where he makes something and wants to keep it. So, I guess our house is now a shrine for everything he makes.

Today he made a little money and called it "baby george," So cute! I am loving watching this little guy grow up. I can't believe it was just 2 years ago that he was Bayler's age ... it seems like it was yesterday!


Letter for the Future ...

Thursday, January 14, 2010
Here's a cool idea, what if you could send yourself an email a year from now. You would write it today, and it would show up next year. I am planning on doing this myself, actually, I am planning on writing two of them.

The first one I am going to write to myself, talk about my goals, and where I want to be in a year from now. How I want to have lost x amount of weight, how I want to have joined a church, etc.

The second I am going to write to my husband. I am hopeful that we'll look back on these times with two little kids in the house and the stress of only one job that we will smile and talk about "the good times."

So much has changed in the last 5 years for me, it's almost my 26th birthday and I can't believe I will be 26. I once dated a guy who was 26 and I was only 21 and I thought he was OLD, I mean, I thought he was REALLY OLD! So many things has changed.

In 2002 I graduated high school, started College & became a DG
In 2003 Became a nursing major
In 2004 Dropped out of Mizzou, went to Columbia College for Nursing/Business
In 2005 I changed my major from business to Hotel & Restaurant Management at MU
In 2006 I met the man I was going to marry
In 2007 I graduated College, had Breaden, got my first job at The Lodge, got engaged
In 2008 I got married and found out I was pregnant with Bayler
In 2009 I had Bayler & started my own business, The Bridal Solution, LLC.

I am not lying when I say that it has FLOWN by ... Which is exactly why I want to write myself in the future.

The website Future Me allows you to schedule an email to be sent in the future. Send one next year, or on your birthday or to your spouse on your anniversary, etc.

Would you rather write yourself a letter instead of an email ... check out Baca Creative has a beautiful downloadable stationary ... check it out here.


Bayler & Food

Wednesday, January 13, 2010
This little guy is eating me out of house and home! Forget bottles and juice, he wants the real stuff. I mean seriously, he eats about 7 to 9 jars of food a day! Anyways, he is growing and getting bigger every day. He sits up and plays with toys, says da da, smiles at EVERYTHING!, and loves loves loves attention.

Pretty much he is awesome ... not to mention, he has an awesome older brother!

I took this picture last night when I was cleaning up his room. (6 1/2 months old.)


Bridal Boot Camp 2010 Recap

Tuesday, January 12, 2010
I really wish you all could have been there, it was such a great event, that I am even looking forward to next year! The weather however did not cooperate. It was 1 degree for most of the day and loading and unloading was SO SO cold. I felt so bad for the brides who had to walk from building to building to each presentation. Other than that, I think once they iron out a few kinks, it's going to be great, and a lot more brides will benefit from it.

The Bridal Solution gave a total of 6 presentations ... ugh, I pretty much lost my voice once it was all said and done. I was in the Old Historic Building on Stephen's campus, and I actually had a room where my booth was all by itself, it was pretty ideal!

I had a lot of people tell me that they loved my enthusiasm, and they didn't' except to be talking to a wedding coordinator about their wedding. Major plus for me! I loved my booth, the brides loved my booth, and overall, it was a great investment! At the end of the day prizes were given away to the brides who stayed ... I am still trying to figure out who won the FREE day-of-coordination. We'll have to wait and see!

Hope to see all you 2011 brides there next year!



Thursday, January 7, 2010
I am a little dissapointed this morning. I will not be on the news due to all the snow we received. I just could not justify driving an hour on a non cleared interstate for a 3 minute segment... Maybe next year, but it was not meant to be this morning. Hope everyone is staying safe and warm.

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Bedroom Clue #2

Monday, January 4, 2010
I am having a little bit of fun giving all of you some clues to our new bedroom. It should be finished by the end of the month, so you don't have to wait too much longer. I am the one having trouble waiting. When I start a project, I just want it does as fast as possible! Well, I really want it done like yesterday, but I am working on my patience.

So here is bedroom clue #2...


Bedroom Clue

Saturday, January 2, 2010
I am finalizing our bedroom by doing minor changes. The room before was dark, with green, red and golds. This time, it's bright and airy, and I am bringing in some hints of other colors. Here is a clue ...


Everyone is dog sick in the Imhoff Household. It's aweful! We have a VERY long week ahead of us, so pray we all start to feel better!

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