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Tuesday, June 30, 2015
Who's ready to celebrate?  With everything going on in our Country the past few weeks, it's time to recognize why we have the freedoms that we do.  Whether you are for or against all the recent rulings, we should all come together and remember just how we became "The Land of the Free."
Fourth of July is my favorite holiday. 
I love it. 
I always have, even as a little girl.  The fireworks, the family and neighborhood get-togethers, the music, Summer ... I mean, what's not to love?  I can't wait to celebrate with friends and all of our own kids this year.  Something about just sitting back and relaxing with friends seems so refreshing ... I am in need of this right now! 
 Before we kick things off, we're in full spirit here at the Imhoff House.  We are decked in Red, White & Blue!  Here's our 2015 take on the Fourth of July ... what will your party look like this year?

Tableware :: Pier One [plates, chargers, blue glassware, napkins]
Flag Tablecloth & Lanterns :: Pottery Barn



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Allegheny Patio Inspiration

Friday, June 26, 2015
So I am starting to plan out our Patio.  The outside of the house has always been a project we planned on working through this Summer and then implementing next Spring.  Today I got a wild hair and was flipping through every magazine I had [I mean all my coveted Pottery Barn Mags] in the house to come up with a "plan."
Our patio space is small, and oddly shaped.  We actually made it an awkward shape for a reason, which we were going to put a hot tube in the area that sticks out.  However, how we're wanting to really hang out back there, so we needed to update our plan ...

Also if you have taken the time to check out our home interiors, you know it's mostly filled with Pottery Barn or at the very least, a Pottery Barn-esque look.

The idea is to build a pergola off the kitchen, and built in an outdoor fireplace.  There will be drapery in this area, with vintage bulb lights and a nice table to entertaining and dining.  I love the idea of having an outdoor buffet or beverage station out there as well.
The area that is off of our family room would then be an extension of that space.  A nice outdoor sofa and with chairs for conversation.  Due to where our gas line is, our grill would also be over there.  We would use some of the bricks left over from our house to create a built in look for the grill that extends on part of the length on the patio.  Lastly, I would replace our outdoor light and put in a light\fan for the area to cool it off during those hot Texas Summer nights!

Imput, ideas?  I would love to hear them.  What have you done, what works, what doesn't?  I need suggestions!!

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Bayler's Mizzou Themed Birthday Party

Monday, June 22, 2015
Well this blog is a testament to how terrible I have been at blogging this past year.  With a full-time job, a move across states, and building a new sure has had me busy!  Now it's ONE year later and I am just getting around to posting about Bayler's 5th Birthday Party.
I actually thought I had blogged about this already, and when I tried to pull up the past post, I realized, just how wrong I was!  Opps!  SO, before I post about Bayler's 6th Birthday, I thought I needed to get his 5th birthday out of the way. HA, how did I get so far behind! :)
Bayler had a MIZZOU themed 5th birthday with the works!  We're talking Black and Gold to the NINES!  I made this custom invitation, made the stripped cake and cupcakes and found everything I could Mizzou for the big day.  The hit, which is no surprise, was the Bucks Tiger Stripped Ice Cream.  I got the small pints for the kids to make it easy and then I also grabbed a large to feed all the adults.  It was a great birthday, filled with family and friends.  My favorite photo from the day was when Bayler opened a gift that Braeden had picked out for him and he immediately jumped up and hugged him.  How sweet brother's love can be!

Thanks for taking a look, hope you enjoyed!  If you feel compelled, I would love to have you follow our blog and our families adventures!

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Imhoff Home :: Kitchen Reveal

Wednesday, June 17, 2015
I contemplated not revealing our kitchen for a while longer, to me there are still things that need to be completed or polished just a bit more.  I thought about it for all of two seconds before I pulled out my camera and started shooting.  It's the heart of the home afterall.  When we have visitors or guests, everyone congregates to the kitchen and wraps themselves around our island which I love.
It's also open to our family room which I adore.  I am able to prep, cook and entertain, all while still visiting with those who are in relaxing in the great room.  It's something that I have never had.  Actually, there is a lot in this kitchen that I have never had before.  I am a newbie to granite, stainless steal, the island and an under mount sink.  It seriously feels like Christmas every time I am in there.
I honestly can't believe that I have done without for so long.  Not that I knew any better at the time.  I made it work with whatever I had, and honestly I was fine with it.  When the kids were babies, I didn't even have a dishwasher.  I washed every plate, glass and bottle with my hands, spending sometimes an hour after every meal, all while holding on to one or two babies at the same time. 

I spent a lot of time designing the kitchen, although not as much as I thought I would.  In my head I knew exactly what I wanted.  I knew I wanted it to be classic, yet with a twist of modern. 
We decided on white cabinets even though everyone at the design center told us not to, I went with a light granite, a dark stained island and a grey glass backsplash.  We also decided to upgrade our stovetop to a 6-burner gas stove - best investment yet!
To keep with the modern look, I chose clear glass filament pendant lights over the island and a circular chandelier for over the kitchen table.  I did save money on our kitchen hardware.  These are actually from Ikea and I get complimented on them ALL THE TIME!  Our tufted-back island barstools are from World Market.
It may surprise people, but my favorite part of the kitchen is actually our butler's bar and pantry.

So there you have it, our kitchen in a nutshell.  Hope you enjoy and don't forget to follow our blog for more house tours, DIY projects and home inspiration!

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A Lesson on Baking

Sunday, June 14, 2015
I want to make sure and introduce baking to the boys.  It's so important to me that they know their way around the kitchen and are able to make and bake simple and traditional items.  SO, today we learned how to make chocolate chip cookies!
It went beyond just dumping and stirring.  Braeden had to read the entire recipe to me and ask questions about what certain things were, and Bayler was in charge of preparing all the ingredients.  It was the first time baking in the new house and I must say ... it's more fun when you have a lot more space to bake!

These boys were so excited to eat what they made!  And if you can't tell, they are EXHAUSTED!  Not enough sleep + making two boys be patient while the cookies baked = Slap Happy!  They couldn't stop giggling for the photo!  Love these two!
#Imhoffboys  #Imhoffhome

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