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Friday, June 26, 2015
So I am starting to plan out our Patio.  The outside of the house has always been a project we planned on working through this Summer and then implementing next Spring.  Today I got a wild hair and was flipping through every magazine I had [I mean all my coveted Pottery Barn Mags] in the house to come up with a "plan."
Our patio space is small, and oddly shaped.  We actually made it an awkward shape for a reason, which we were going to put a hot tube in the area that sticks out.  However, how we're wanting to really hang out back there, so we needed to update our plan ...

Also if you have taken the time to check out our home interiors, you know it's mostly filled with Pottery Barn or at the very least, a Pottery Barn-esque look.

The idea is to build a pergola off the kitchen, and built in an outdoor fireplace.  There will be drapery in this area, with vintage bulb lights and a nice table to entertaining and dining.  I love the idea of having an outdoor buffet or beverage station out there as well.
The area that is off of our family room would then be an extension of that space.  A nice outdoor sofa and with chairs for conversation.  Due to where our gas line is, our grill would also be over there.  We would use some of the bricks left over from our house to create a built in look for the grill that extends on part of the length on the patio.  Lastly, I would replace our outdoor light and put in a light\fan for the area to cool it off during those hot Texas Summer nights!

Imput, ideas?  I would love to hear them.  What have you done, what works, what doesn't?  I need suggestions!!

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