Meet Crosbie - The Newest Member of the Family

Monday, June 1, 2015
Meet Crosbie - the Newest Imhoff Puppy.
I know what you're thinking ... you went and got another dog?!  Didn't you JUST get a puppy this Fall?!  Yes we did, and the quick answer ... we are two dog people.
From the day I met Ryan, we have always had two dogs.  Many of you probably remember Tank and Charlie, who we lost unfortunately within weeks of each other this past August.  Our hearts haven't fully healed yet, but I can tell you this.  We are beginning to laugh at the times we had with them both now, and it does help having other animals in the house to give us something to look forward coming home to.
We got Murphy our Golden last November 1st, you can find his blog post HERE, and today, on June 1st, I want to introduce you to Crosbie, our Great Dane.  Good lord, yes a Great Dane.  I don't know who's idea this was ... RYAN, but he had to have him.  He has quickly stolen our hearts and made this house complete.  We love his playfulness, his curious personality and the ability to just "go with the flow."  He is only 8 week old, so he has A LOT of growing to do.  It will be fun watching him get bigger over the next few weeks and see him fully develop into a family protector!
Welcome Home Crosbie!


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