{The Cake}

Wednesday, July 30, 2008
So for months now I have been trying to figure out exactly how I want our wedding cake to look. I have lprobably searched through about a quarter million pictures and nothing. One day I was looking through one of my favorite blogs "Style Me Pretty" and I found ... THE ONE. Of course, I was not paying any attention and looked over it, shut my computer off, and went to bed. I dreamed all night about the cake that I saw, and when I woke up in the morning, I could not for the life of me figure out where I saw it. TWO days it took me to track it down, and when I saw it again for the second time ... I just knew. I love it more than anything ... here it is ... I hope you love it too!!

{I've Been Busy}

Tuesday, July 29, 2008
Today was a very busy day for the Imhoff family. I can't really explain it except for the fact we all got a good night sleep last night, and woke up ready to work and get things done. Our yard looks amazing ... thank you honey, the house is clean ... thanks to cleaning Mondays, Laundry is done and FOLDED, and it was a perfect day to get updated on some much needed wedding tasks!

First thing was rehearsal invites and plans. I was able to get all the addresses out to Dorothy today (she is making the invites ... what a lovely gesture.) As for me, I set up shop today at Kinkos and was able to print off our menu cards and program covers ... whew, it was a job. But, everything is complete and I am feeling pretty good about everything thus far.

Next step ... stupid programs themselves ... flower fixes (my floral designer QUIT!) and toasting glasses ... what a week :) Don't let me fool you ... I love this!

Trust me ... they look better in person. And God Bless Cody ... she is helping me put them together on Friday ... ahh, I just love her!!

{Rehearsal Dinner Dress!}

Friday, July 25, 2008
So I had been searching high and low for a reahearsal dinner dress. I knew exactly what I wanted it to look like, but no such luck. So I finally decided that I was going to have the dress made. I know, crazy right? However, I found a lady to help me, and she knew exactly what I was looking for. Soo ... here it is! She completed it this week, and I finally got to pick it up this afternoon! Love IT!

So now I guess I have to find a cute pair of white shoes!!

{Mondays ...}

Tuesday, July 22, 2008
So I have been feeling a little down lately. Not really sure what I should attribute it to, but I am looking forward for the wedding planning to be complete and the honeymoon to begin. Which I still have no clue where I am going, but from what I am hearing ... I am in for a treat!

I feel like I am just so alone during the day, and I am not sure if other SAHM's feel the same way sometimes? I need adult conversations, which I hardly get, and I need to feel like I have a purpose other than just being a mom. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my son, he is the absolute best thing that has ever happened to me. I have the most perfect little family and because of Ryan, I am able to see my son grow up everyday. I just have to wonder ... is this all I am supposed to do?

Sorry for the "debbie downer" post, what can I say, it's Monday. Here is a little something to make you smile.


Monday, July 14, 2008
Seriously, this weeding is going to kill me. I am so stressed out right now, I actually went to the doc about it the other day ... gosh, it just needs to hurry up and get here!

What really makes me mad, is that I have been searching for a month now for an aisle runner. Origionally I was looking for something similar to what Jessica Simpson used for her aisle runner, but I didn't have any luck. No one even knew what I was talking about even after I showed them pictures ... annoying ... but it gets worse... I finally find this site, and absolutly LOVE the aisle runners.

So I email them for prices, locations, etc ... and you know what I get ... an automated response back saying, "i'm sorry, we are will be gone for several months and will not be able to process your order, please visit us again soon, thank you."

Now, i'm just pissed ... where am I going to find an aisle runner???

{Wedding Shower}

Tuesday, July 8, 2008
I think it is fair for me to say that I truly believe that I have the best bridesmaids a girl could ask for. A couple of weeks ago they threw me a bridal shower in Columbia at the Forge & Vine. It was way more than I could ask for. Each of them had a hand in the planning, and it turned out that all of them could make it except for Linds who had to work. I don't want to over load you with photos, but they just turned out so great!

All of my bridesmaids (minus Linds) but Ashley stepped in to be the honorary 6th bridesmaid!

Ashli had Ryan & I's monogram put on the cake!

Me and the Matron of Honor (She really should start her own event planning business!)

Love is in the air!

Roomies Reunited!

Two very special friends, Melissa & Kaalan

You didn't think we wouldn't play fun bridal shower games did you?

Even Braeden got to enjoy the festivities!

So thank you to everyone to had a hand in making my bridal shower so special. I can't wait to hang out with all of you again for the bachelorette party! WOOWHOOO! 54 Days and counting for the wedding ... I'm so excited I can't hardly stand it!!

{Zero to One Hundred and Eighty Five ...}

Monday, July 7, 2008
So you may remember that for Father's Day I got Ryan a champion ride in a NASCAR at Kansas City Speedway with the Jeff Gordon Racing School. Well, yesterday (Sunday) was the big day. Ryan, Braeden and I left Jeff around 9 in the A.M. and headed for Kansas.

Once we got to KS, we dropped Braeden off at my mom's and my grandma's. It would have been WAY too hot for Braeden, plus all the waiting in line, etc. We had to bring all of this paperwork for Ryan to be able to ride, and it was a little scary. All these waivers, rules, regulations ... it even said that we would have to go through an hour of training before it began. Totally NOT TRUE. We arrived, checked in, and we were given a number. We literally waited for about 40 minutes, and Ryan was OFF.

Here is Ryan waiting in line, he just put on his helmet ... One more person to go!!

Here is Ryan taking off .... WOW!! And just watch how fast they are going. You actually go from zero to one hundred and eighty five in seconds. The drivers actually get so close to the wall and other drivers, you literally think you are going to crash ... amazing!!

So Ryan gets done racing and heads over the the check in both, asks if there are any other rides available, and seriously hands him his credit card and says, "Natty, you are going!" haha, so of course I was like ... "ok" I never get to do anything really exhilarating and I just had to get in one of those cars.

Here are some of my pictures ... Can you believe I actually did that!!

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