{Mod Monkey}

Wednesday, September 30, 2009
I have been staying REALLY busy here lately. I feel like every time I turn around there is something pressing that needs to get done.

I have 11 days until a wedding ... I have numerous items that need to get done.

I have 19 days until Braeden's 2nd Birthday Party ... This year I have decided to go a long with the Curious George theme and have a "Mod Monkey" birthday party. I am super excited about all the little details, everything is just coming together nicely.

Here is want the main decor will look like

I can't wait to share with you all of the details! I finished up the invitations last night, so I'll take some pictures and post them tomorrow.

In the meantime ... don't forget about the Giveaway! It ends at 12:00PM on FRIDAY!
(If you "Grabbed" my button ... make sure it's on your blog to count ... lots of people said they did, but it's not up on their blog. If you have a question about how to do this, let me know!

Tell your friends about the giveaway ... the more people, the more fun. PLUS, you do NOT want to miss the next couple of weeks to see what those giveaways are ... I am so excited!

Happy Hump Day!

{Halloween Costumes 2009}

Tuesday, September 29, 2009
I swear I have been losing sleep over Halloween costumes this year. I don't know why I put so much pressure on myself? Maybe it's because I know I only have a few years before the boys will actually tell me what they have decided to be, and it wont be cute, or innocent, it will probably be some gory hot mess.

After a lot of consideration, I have finally decided what the boys are dressing up as. At first I decided I wanted Braeden to be a fisherman and Bayler to be a fish. (Still think it's a cute idea, but just wasn't for us this year.) Then I thought Braeden would be really cute as a golfer (just like his daddy.) I even found a great costume from Costume Express, and it was a decent price. I quickly decided against that as soon as I started reading reviews, saying it was poorly made, etc. SO ... back to the drawing board.

That's when I realized Braeden didn't know any gory or scary Halloween costumes, so why not just ask him?

This is how our conversation went down ...

Me: "Braeden, what do you want to be for Halloween?"
Braeden: "G George"
Me: "Curious George? Really?"
Braeden: "G George Costume"
Me: "Okay, we'll go tomorrow"

Haha, it was really that easy. He LOVES Curious George, and EVERYTHING is G George. So I went down to the local Old Navy, made Braeden go to the dressing room for the first time, and walked out with a cheap, well made costume. I was SHOCKED!

** I made that seem really easy. It wasn't exactly that easy. As soon as Braeden tried on the George Costume, he thought he looked pretty cool. So cool in fact, he decided he did not want to take it off. After struggling for about 5 minutes in the dressing room, I finally got the costume off of Braeden ... except for the fact he took off his diaper and decided to SCREAM for 5 minutes naked on the floor. Geez, I just love being a mom some times! Needless to say, I left Old Navy, with a costume, and a half naked little boy.

Anyways, after finding Braeden a costume, I still didn't know what Bayler would be ... that is until I saw ... The Very Hungry Caterpillar costume ... I feel in love, and ended up buying the Gymboree Glow Worm costume, which was soo better looking!

There you have it ... two boys, two costumes ...

Now if Braeden didn't cry every time I open his closet because he wants to be G George again ... Halloween needs to get here FAST!

What are your kids going to be this year?

{Grape Stomp}

Sunday, September 27, 2009
Yesterday was full of action. I am pretty sure it will take us most of this week to catch up on sleep!

Jeff City was having their German festival down town yesterday, so we packed our bags and headed downtown. Ryan's work sponsored him in the Lion's grape stomp and they let Braeden stop with him. It was soo funny! He was like ... "Mom, you want me to stomp on Grapes?" haha. He was doing really well until he looked down and saw that his feet were dirty ... he HATES getting his feet and hands dirty ... so not boyish!

After the stop we grabbed something to eat and Ryan's buddy who is a police officer stopped by let Braeden play in his car. OMG, Braeden LOVED it, he thought it was the coolest thing ever! I just hope that's the only time I ever see him in a cop car :)

After a long nap in the afternoon, my mom came down to watch the boys, while Ryan and I had a date night. A much needed time away from the kids. We ate an awesome dinner, headed to a local hangout, and watched comedy with friends. Couldn't have asked for a better night!

Now ... time to recuperate, and rest, rest, rest ...

Oh wait ... we're showing the house today ...

{Coloring My Hair}

Friday, September 25, 2009
Alright, let me first say that I have tried everything! Before I was married and not technically on my own, I only went to the salon to get my hair colored and highlighted. After I got married, quite my job, and had two babies ... I have used box colors. In my experience, those have always been hit or miss ... and sometimes ... a disaster!

Once, Cody and I (both blondes), decided we wanted dark brown hair, and we went to walmart, picked out beautiful colors ... and oh my god ... what were we thinking? I am pretty sure we have never done that again!

Anyways, I have a new way to do my hair ... and it's just as easy, I PROMISE!

First you use these products ...

I buy Clairol Professional products. I first get my hair color in the premium creme(I get 10G, but I am already a blonde.) This color is pretty light, but find your own color. Then, get some developer. I buy the premium creme developer (20 standard lift). This has worked the best for me. In a bowl, add the entire tube of color, and equal parts developer. I don't really measure, I just use my judgement. Mix, and apply to head. I usually just apply to my roots, but you can apply all over if you like, just like you would with a box.

I wait for about 15 minutes, or until my roots start to turn a lighter color ... (I know this is so scientific!) I then jump in the shower and wash my hair 3 times with SHAMPOO ... seriously!

Then, I use this product ...

This is the ultimate product. While in the shower, have I have shampooed 3 times with my regular shampoo, I use this ... I put this product (it's actually purple) on my head and let it sit for 3 minutes. It will take out all the brassy color and really bring it to your desired color. After 3 minutes, I rinse out, and you know what I do ONE MORE TIME? I use this same product, lather up my hair and wash it for a 5th time.

Now, you're done, check out your beautiful new hair color, and be super proud of yourself for getting salon color and look, for A LOT less.

** I get all my products at Sally's ... once you do this, you will never go back.

{Bayler's Girlfriend}

Thursday, September 24, 2009
Today was such a fun day. Melissa and I got together for a baby play date and let Bayler and her daughter Madison play together for a couple of hours. It's always fun to see the babies interact with eachother! They were born a little less than a month apart ... look how cute they are together ...

{Fall Front Door}

Tuesday, September 22, 2009
I think I may have to go to the dollar store and pick up some cheap pumpkins, find a wreath, and make my front door look like this ... yup, I'm going tomorrow!

(Country Living)

{Mizzou vs. Furman}

Saturday, September 19, 2009
Short post tonight, we are getting ready to BBQ with a couple of our friends this evening, but I wanted to post about the Mizzou game today ... It was a knockout, we killed them!

Ryan and I were able to go to the game today with my dad. We tailgated a bit with some friends, ate some BBQ, and headed for the game. I miss MIZZOU games (and miss college even more), hopefully I will be able to go to more games this season, but it's pretty hard with the kids!

{Chicken Salsa Tacos}

Thursday, September 17, 2009
Easiest. Recipe. Ever! Seriously! I found this recipe over at According to Kelly. I am always looking for easy recipes to try since having two boys is turning my world upside down. Crock pot recipes have been a life savor, and tonight, I think I found an Imhoff dinner staple. Yes, that is how good (easy) it was!

Chicken Salsa Tacos:

Place frozen chicken breasts in crock pot and pour your favorite chunky salsa over the top. Turn on low in the morning and leave until dinner. Before you serve, take out chicken, shred, and place back in crock pot. Have taco shells, cheese, lettuce, sour cream, etc. out and make tacos ...

yes, it really is that simple. Sorry no pictures, I had a girls night afterwards that I was running late to.


{Reading Nook Inspiration}

Monday, September 14, 2009
There won't be a "What I Love Part" today, I just want a reading nook. A place where I can catch up on my favorite books/blogs/magazines and have a little peace and quiet ...

{Bayler's Newborn Baby Pictures}

Friday, September 11, 2009
They are here! FINALLY! Kari of Photography by Kari Leigh took all of our pictures when Bayler was just 2 weeks old. I think they turned out so great!

Obviously the pictures are better quality then what I am showing. I wanted to post them right away, so it's a picture of the picture ...


{One Year Ago}

Thursday, September 10, 2009
One year ago on August 31st, 2008, Ryan and I were married. I am just now getting around to blogging about it, but we had a great anniversary. On Monday night we celebrated by cooking dinner for each other at home (a little surf & turf.) Steak and crab legs ... ummm, YUM!

Watched a movie ...

and then dug into this beauty ... double YUM!

I had a replica of our wedding cake made by the same lady, Melissa from All About Cakes. She seriously does a wonderful job, she is easy to work with, and ... just because we have a great relationship, she didnt' charge me a thing! Thanks Melissa!

Our wedding cake a year ago ...

Happy Anniversary Honey!

{Egg Crate}

Wednesday, September 9, 2009
I just bought this egg crate from Anthropology (only $12.99.)

And I am hoping to turn it into this ...

Photo courtesy of Young House Love

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