{Coloring My Hair}

Friday, September 25, 2009
Alright, let me first say that I have tried everything! Before I was married and not technically on my own, I only went to the salon to get my hair colored and highlighted. After I got married, quite my job, and had two babies ... I have used box colors. In my experience, those have always been hit or miss ... and sometimes ... a disaster!

Once, Cody and I (both blondes), decided we wanted dark brown hair, and we went to walmart, picked out beautiful colors ... and oh my god ... what were we thinking? I am pretty sure we have never done that again!

Anyways, I have a new way to do my hair ... and it's just as easy, I PROMISE!

First you use these products ...

I buy Clairol Professional products. I first get my hair color in the premium creme(I get 10G, but I am already a blonde.) This color is pretty light, but find your own color. Then, get some developer. I buy the premium creme developer (20 standard lift). This has worked the best for me. In a bowl, add the entire tube of color, and equal parts developer. I don't really measure, I just use my judgement. Mix, and apply to head. I usually just apply to my roots, but you can apply all over if you like, just like you would with a box.

I wait for about 15 minutes, or until my roots start to turn a lighter color ... (I know this is so scientific!) I then jump in the shower and wash my hair 3 times with SHAMPOO ... seriously!

Then, I use this product ...

This is the ultimate product. While in the shower, have I have shampooed 3 times with my regular shampoo, I use this ... I put this product (it's actually purple) on my head and let it sit for 3 minutes. It will take out all the brassy color and really bring it to your desired color. After 3 minutes, I rinse out, and you know what I do ONE MORE TIME? I use this same product, lather up my hair and wash it for a 5th time.

Now, you're done, check out your beautiful new hair color, and be super proud of yourself for getting salon color and look, for A LOT less.

** I get all my products at Sally's ... once you do this, you will never go back.


Together We Save said...

Thanks for the info! I am in need of a color right now.

29th and Delight said...

Okay you are amazing - I am seriously considering trying this? How much approximately does it cost to buy the color and developer?

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