The Pampered Mom's 2015 Christmas Tree & Table

Sunday, November 29, 2015
It may only be the day after Thanksgiving, but that tree is UP!  I couldn't wait any longer.  Seriously, I was getting stir crazy just thinking about it.  In our neighborhood, lots of houses already had their Christmas Exterior Lights up and for me, I'm a strict believer that lights and décor should only be turned on and set out after Thanksgiving.  So just looking out the window was hard ... they are SO pretty!

It wasn't hard though, it's been rainy here and because we're house bound from the storms, I thought .. why not?!  Christmas music was on, kids were dancing, crockpot hot chocolate was passed around and the house started to smell like fraser firs.  Not from our tree, just from my favorite candles!  This is the first year we opted for an artificial tree.  I love the real deal, but with traveling, and work, I didn't want the fuss or the worry of a real tree.  I'll have to pick up some real wreaths just for the smell alone though!  I actually love this artificial tree. It's super easy, no fuss and full.  Here's to another amazing Christmas Season with our family, loved ones and friends!


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Imhoff Halloween 2015

Sunday, November 1, 2015
A little photo fun before trick-or-treating!  I must say, those boys sure do look good in their costumes!  Love them more that I can even put into words!  Hope everyone had a FUN and SAFE Halloween!!

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Easy Fall Decorating Via The Pampered Mom

Saturday, October 3, 2015
I am such a strong believer in EASY decorating.  It can be very time consuming getting out all your seasonal décor, let along trying to re-invent the wheel every single time.  I love decorating as much as the next person, but the problem is I just don't have the time.  So, I make it super easy with these simple tricks. 

For one, decorate with items that can be easily changed out.  I do this with Pillows, Frames, Bowls,  and jars.  You'll notice that I use the same pillows throughout the year, but I will change one out to make it go with that particular time of the year.  See my oversized push plaid pillow behind the small pony?

I leave these books out year round, but I add different pieces to the top that goes with the season.

My entry table and décor is SO easy to change.  Usually I have tree branches in my large blue vase, but for Fall, I add warmer Autumn Leaves.

My go-to for this bowl is usually lemons, but for Fall - scented pinecones.  How easy is that?!

The point is to make it easy, because otherwise it gets added to our "list" and just never gets done.  We've all been there.  Start by getting 3 or 4 tubberware bins and marking them "Spring/Summer," "Fall," and "Winter."  I have one large bin for Spring|Summer, One for Fall and then about 10 for Winter with all my Christmas Décor.  Then each season, bring out the next bin add simple touches to items you are already using for home décor and put the past season away for the next year. 

Good luck getting organized and using the décor you already have in your home season-to-season!  You'll never look back!

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It's FALL - a Pampered Mom Tablescape

Tuesday, September 29, 2015
It's FALL, the most wonderful time of the year!  Cooler, seasonal weather, Football, WARM hot cocoa, Pumpkin Everything, Apples, Apple Cider, Layers, Leaves, ohhh I could go on and on.  I absolutely love it!  Here's what our table looks like for the Fall.  Interested in the pieces?  Follow down below!

The Pampered Mom's Fall Tablescape:

Items Include:
Table: Restoration Hardware, Chairs: Ethan Allen & Ikea, Place Settings: Pottery Barn Emma, Flowers & Votives: Target, Napkins: Pier One

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Happy 1st Birthday Murphy

Sunday, August 30, 2015
It's MURPHY'S BIRTHDAY!  He is now 1 years old!  Our sweet, sweet Murphy the kindest, most gentle and loving dog I have ever had.  He is also the pickiest eater EVER, unaffected and unmotivated by food at all!  You could place a piece of bacon or steak on the ground and he would look at you like you have two heads.  He would literally just turn up his nose and walk away.  Therefore, unmotivated = no new tricks for this little doggie.  That's fine with us though, he just wants to love and be loved.  Who could ask for anything more than that!

Happy Birthday Murphy!

For those of you who knew our puppy Tank, this is also the day 1 year ago, the very day Murphy was born, that we had to put him down.  I miss him SO much.  He was my buddy, my protector and my survivor.  We decided to let the balloons go in memory of him.  Love you Tank!

I truly believe that there is a greater plan and some things are meant to be.  I never would have believed that the day we had to say goodbye to our beloved dog Tank, that a new life would be born, and would join our family?  Although we didn't get Murphy until November, I still believe there was something greater than us pulling us in the same direction.  It was fate.

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