{Happy Halloween 2010}

Sunday, October 31, 2010
Happy Halloween!

The Imhoffs


{Halloween Bonfire}

Saturday, October 30, 2010
If I was not at a wedding this evening ... I probably would be having this kind of bonefire at my house tonight! Great idea from those kids over at BHG!

Happy Halloween Eve!


{Puff Paint Pumpkins}

Friday, October 29, 2010
If I had a few more hours to myself, I would so create puff paint pumpkins like they did over at Young House Love!

Aren't these darling?


{Bayler's First Haircut}

Thursday, October 28, 2010
Awe, it was a sad week ... Bayler, at 16 months ... got his first hair cut :( I took him to a friend of mine (Our MOPS leader & my neighbor) to get it done. Lets just say ... he had no idea what was going on. To make matters worse, he is SO shy, so it's hard sit him down ANYWHERE that isn't at home, he just clings on me.

BUT, he survived, and his hair looks SO much better! For a while there, we didn't think he would ever have hair :)

I only was able to get a few before he wanted me closer! Guess these will have to do :)


{Homecoming 2010 - The Goal Post: Part 4}

Wednesday, October 27, 2010
This is seriously one of the coolest experiences!! I will never forget this ... (and yes, I was there!)

Here is MU Fans storming the field ... I was not at the game, but I was downtown.

And this is where I was .. waiting for the goal post!

Here are some of my pictures ...


In case any of your OU fans are wondering ... yes this is my last homecoming post. OU has always been an amazing team, and that's why it was so awesome to be there when we actually beat them. So thanks for being good sports!


{Homecoming 2010 - Tailgating: Part 3}

Tuesday, October 26, 2010
Saturday, Ryan, Redel & I headed to COMO to do some heavy tailgating. We met up with some friends, fired up the grill, and partied on top of a parking garage. Wooo Whooo! If there was such a thing called a "professional tailgater," we would so dominate!

We had no idea what the night would become ...


{Homecoming 2010- ESPN Game Day: Part 2}

Monday, October 25, 2010
What an absolutely INCREDIBLE experience ... it was Epic on Saturday when Mizzou BEAT OU! I still am in complete awe. It was a beautiful thing! The stars were aligning for us though ... it was Homecoming, ESPN Gameday (first time EVER in Columbia), and playing the #1 team in the country Oklahoma. It just doesn't get any better than this!

I gathered a few images and videos from ESPN to share. It was an incredible experience that I will never forget. Mizzou is a school that deserves recognition, and Saturday, they finally got it! Taking down the number one school in the country, beating ALL odds, on national television. Erin Andrews said it best, "If you aren't in Columbia, Missouri right now, what's the matter with you?"

I am SO proud to be a Tiger. It was a party from 3:30 AM Saturday to 6:00 AM Sunday ... we ended up downtown, and we partied in the streets! It was shoulder to shoulder on every block ... absolutely amazing!

Mizzou fans had the LARGEST crowd EVER at College Gameday. The record was 15,000 and Missouri had 18,000 + fans on the quad saturday. It was INSANE!

I think I will finally get around to framing my diploma this week. I still haven't done that since I graduated in 2007 ... but I think it's time.


{Homecoming 2010 - House Decks: Part 1}

Sunday, October 24, 2010
Friday night was HOUSE DECS! This is my favorite homecoming tradition, and although it was perfect weather, Ryan was not feeling it. He would have rather stayed at home and put his feet up ... but he forgot who he was married too :)

I made everyone jump up and head back to Columbia to start celebrating the most amazing tradition ever!

Anyone confused what a house dec is?

House Decs are skits put on by the greek community at the University of Missouri by creating characters including our mascot, Truman the Tiger and the challenger's mascot. This year it was the Oklahoma Sooners. Anyways, the skit backgrounds and characters are made out of tissue paper, and it involves the act of "pomping."

Pomp (pomp) v: The act of folding into cylinders and gluing squares of tissue paper to multiple pieces of plywood with the end goal of creating a larger-than-life scene.

Pomp (pomp) n: Also known as pomp "juice." A sticky, magical mixture comprised of flour and water.

Pomp (pomp) adj: The most appropriate modifier for Mizzou Homecoming.

What does it mean to "pomp"?
Each fraternity and sorority will take small squares of colored tissue paper, wrap them around pencils, markers, or fingers and pasted to wood boards to form a picture

According to Jeopardy, Mizzou and Kansas hold the title as creators of Homecoming. Back in 1911 the two came head-to-head in a border showdown, ending in a 3-3 tie game. And so Homecoming was born. For the last four weeks, Greek students all over campus have been pomping. That's right… pomping! This process entails taking a small piece of tissue paper and wrapping it around a marker, dipping it in glue and sticking it on a piece of plywood. It sounds simple enough, but it takes over 5,000 pieces of pomp to complete one board.

Houses pomp from 20 boards to 56 boards. In order to get people to pomp, some sorority and fraternity houses demand mandatory hours. If members don't complete their mandatory hours, they can either be fined or banned from certain house events.
Some houses demand anywhere from five hours a week, to forty hours a week.

Sounds tiring huh? IT IS! But it's a tradition I will seriously CRY if it ever goes away. And for all of you out there thinking this is just a waste of products ... they can ALL be recycled!

LOVE LOVE LOVE this, and since I was apart of the greek community, it holds a special place in my heart!

Here are this years pictures ... they are pretty awful, sorry! I take terrible pictures in the dark. BUT, the kids had a fantastic time!!!

I think there are only a few schools left who have kept this tradition, but don't you think it's cool?

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