{Lazy Thanksgiving Weekend}

Monday, November 29, 2010
I don't know about anyone else, but Ryan and I had a lazy Thanksgiving. We didn't do too much, just did a lot of laying around, eating amazing leftovers & watching movies. It was lovely actually :)

I did manage to grab my camera for a few family photos while we were all laying in bed! After looking at some of them, I am SO SO SO glad I did. Just love them!

So far I have resisted the urge to decorate for Christmas, I am going to try to put it off until next weekend. This week is operation organize kid clothes & toys week :) If I can get those two things done this week, I will be MUCH more excited to decorate!

Have a great week!!


{Black Friday Deals and Steals}

Friday, November 26, 2010
Well ... how did you all fare out today? Was it everything you dreamed it would be? :) I had a little interesting turn of events, so it wasn't at all what I thought it would be. I went to bed, and set my alarm for 4:00 AM. I knew I didn't need to be the first one in there, but I wanted to share the experience with everyone else :) This was about 11:00 ... 12:00 comes around and Bayler wakes of SCREAMING, and pretty much has the flu. It took me till 3:00 in the morning to finally get in to go to sleep, and by the time I got him down, I was exhausted. I knew if I left his side, he would wake up and Ryan would have to deal with both crying babies ... so .. I opted out :( The things we give up when we are moms! It didn't turn out bad though. I woke up early and did some online shopping with free shipping and was able to get half of the kids shopping done. Around 10:00, Ryan and I packed up the kids and headed to target to see what all was going on, and to finish up with the kids gifts.

I eneded up getting ALL of the kids gifts, my mom done & Ryan's mom half way done. Woowho! I didn't think I would get all of that done by 11:00 after the night I had. So ... I don't have that much more to do. Isn't it funny when you go shopping for someone else, you end up finding EVERYTHING you want :)

I found some great finds today ... *wink* *wink* honey ... here are some ideas :)

1. These beautiful Steve Madden Boots

2. Some Uggs

3. There Beaded Trays from Target

4. This Pretty Black Bag

I hope everyone had a great Black Friday ... now ... who's ready for Cyber Monday? j/k :)


{Happy Thanksgiving}

Thursday, November 25, 2010
Happy Thanksgiving from the Imhoff's! We have SO much to be thankful for here. I am so blessed to have a wonderful family, which includes two of the cutest boys I know :)

Hope everyone was able to spend the holiday with family or friends, ate WAY too much and had safe travels!

Here is a little taste of what our day looked like ...

It was a great day, with some REALLY yummy food! It was the first time Ryan and I held a dinner at our house for the holidays, so it felt like a big deal. I was able to get some tables and chairs from my dad. I created the the tablescape for 23.00 total. Ryan cooked all the meat by himself ... and.it.was.amazing! I was able to cook up some green bean casserole, corn bread stuffing & apple crip. I also picked up a pecan pie from The Upper Crust Bakery. My mom brought rolls, mashed potatoes & corn casserole. And Ryan's grandma brought over the gravy & sweet potatoes. I think everyone ate until they were uncomfortable!

Afterwards, it did take Ryan and I about 4 hours to clean up. If you remember, we don't have a dishwasher and I refused to use plastic or paper plates :) It was worth it!!

And on a side note, we have been teaching Braeden about Thanksgiving while going around and saying what we are thankful for. Ryan always starts by saying I am thankful for Braeden, Bayler, Mommy, Charlie & Tank. Then I start in and say that I am thankful for family, friends, and a warm house. Braeden ALWAYS says the same thing ... "I am thankful for my blankie, my TV and my bean bag. Well ... atleast he is thankful!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!


{Black Friday Tips & Tricks}

Tuesday, November 23, 2010
I don't know about you, but I just get giddy thinking about all the sales going on the day after Thanksgiving. Although I hate the long lines & the ridiculously early morning, I do enjoy a good deal ... in fact, I am pretty sure I get a high off of it :) Last year since I had a new baby at home, I decided it best not to go out, and do the online thing instead ... nope, not for me. I ended up just sitting at home thinking about all the deals out there, and how I was missing out. It's the same feeling I get when I can't garage sale, and someone I know comes over with their great finds ... ugh, I hate that. Or, even worse, getting to the garage sale late and seeing the item you have been looking for, in the hands of someone else in line to pay ... grrr!

So, this year ... watch out, I'm back! :) And since I know a lot of you will be out there with me in all your glory ... I have created a few tips and tricks for your shopping pleasure. Good luck girls (and guys!)

Natalie's Tips for Black Friday:

Yes, this takes time and patience, but sooo worth it in the end. Pull up the ads of all the stores you are wanting to go to. I usually do this party online, since they post faster than Thursday's paper. In fact, the iphone has the app now, and its FREE, so go get it! Know where it is that you are wanting to go, where in the store it is. If you do your research online, also know that stores put coupons in the local paper on Thursdays, so check these out as well.

I usually try to stick with 3 or less stores, otherwise, it's CRAZY. Since I already know what I am going to go and get, and where the best deals are, half my job is done. I then decide what it most important, or what I think will go the fastest, and that is where I go first. In other words ... know the times for special savings, door busters, hours of operation, or scope out ahead of time. It is also helpful to keep a list handy in your purse for all the people you are needing to buy for.

This can be tricky. The key is to find someone who is serious about Black Friday. Someone who also does their research ahead of time, and is fast and quick. Make it a game! I tend to have one person stay in line, while the others grab the items. Wait ... what if the other sees a GREAT deal, and you are stuck in line?? Don't worry, I have you covered. The most serious shoppers (like myself) use walkie-talkies ... oh yes we do! We don't waste ANY time.

Be sure to dress comfortably. Hey, I have been known to go in my pj's ... but please only do that if they are appropriate! I don't worry about hair or makeup ... just about getting out of the door. Tennis shoes are a must. Also, if you are thinking how much fun it would be to take along the whole family ... don't. I mean, unless you REALLY want to of course. But for me ... it's all about keeping the kids (and the husband) at home ... While getting out of the house with his wallet :) And probably the most important tip ... don't try to shop if you haven't had your dose of caffeine ... I like myself will be indulging in a holiday mocha from Starbucks ... ahh, now that's what Christmas is really about!!

and of course ... have fun. It's shopping!!! Hopefully we will all go home with our arms, legs and hands tired from all the Black Friday madness!

Oh ... and in case you haven't started working out for Friday (aka shopping bag curls and black Friday lunges) ... we'll then you should watch this Target Video!


{Thanksgiving 2010 Menu}

Friday, November 19, 2010
Since we are hosting Thanksgiving dinner this year, I have been working hard gathering and creating everything I will need for next Thursday. I created these cute menu cards to go on the table. What do you think? What's on your menu?


{Entertaining 101}

Thursday, November 18, 2010
In the November Issue of House Beautiful, they featured 101 Party Do's & Don'ts. Since I absolutely LOVE to entertain, and since most wedding receptions are about entertaining your guests, I thought I would share a few of my favorites with you all.

#6 Warm plates before serving hot food on them

#15 Let gets make their own cocktails. I have a few favorite recipes on cards, and all the ingredients on hand. People mix and shake and think it's super fun

#35 Always seat your guests by someone they know and someone they'd enjoy getting to know

#55 Never use paper napkins

#99 Don't be afraid to set up a dinner table in an unconventional or not-the-usual spot for a more interesting dinner or lunch - in the library among the books or out on the porch.

Hope you all get a chance to pick up a copy for yourself, they there are a lot more great tips just in time for Thanksgiving!


{Master Bedroom Details}

Wednesday, November 17, 2010
So, here are all the details about our master bedroom. I just have to say ... thank you ALL for being so incredibly sweet ... I love reading all of your lovely comments, they mean the world to me!

So, here we go ...

We used Lowes Valspar in Gravity. It is my FAVORITE grey color, because it has hints of light blue ... it's absolutely stunning, especially with natural light.

The Bed:
Ryan and I knew we needed a new bed. Ryan had one criteria, it had to be king, and I wanted something tufted. So the search began. We found this bed on CLEARANCE at a local furniture store. It was EXACTLY what I wanted, I am in love with it. We were given a new mattress set by family. Total cost: $399.00

Subway Art Marriage Announcement:
Click here for the link and tutorial. Total cost: $40.00

Silver Frames:
I got these silver frames at Hobby Lobby when they were 50% off. The artwork was free. Click here for the link. Total Cost: $14.00

I found literally the cheapest black nightstands I could find. I wasn't in the mood to DIY anything from a thrift shop, so I just went to walmart to find them. Both of them together was $100.00. They came with ugly knobs, so the first thing I did was change them to some crystal knobs I had at the house. Total cost: $100

The Lamps:
I got these lamps at TJ Maxx last January. I loved how they were silver and had a little crystal on the top. They were a much needed upgrade from the lamps you see in the before picture. I think they really make the room look glamorous!
Total cost: $50.00

Table Top:
The Vanity trays are both matching and I found them at a local flea market, together, still in the box. It was the perfect find! They are SO beautiful, and give the room life. They were $20 each. The vintage glasses were also found at a flea market, $3.00 a piece. I took flowers that I already had and used them. The silver clock I found at Goodwill for $3.00. And the old books were found at a flea market for $5.00 a piece. Total cost: $60.00.

There you have it! The total cost came to ... $840.00!
Absolutely LOVE this room, and my goal was to have everything under $1,000. Hope you love it. If you see anything else in the room that you want to know where I found it, or just want more information, just let me know!



{Master Bedroom Reveal}

Monday, November 15, 2010
Wow, it's been a long journey. I started designing this room in January, and it's now November ... Finally it's done! Living in an older home, you have to deal with small rooms and small closets ... it's something you have to overcome. I have tried my hardest to make the room feel larger, while upgrading to a king bed, instead of our queen. It's also important to know that, as always, I am on a design budget.

Here is our before bedroom ...

Yep ... those are olive green walls with a beautiful red color scheme to go with it. Absolutely stunning ... don't you think? BLAH!

And ....

Drum roll Please ...

Here is our Master Bedroom AFTER ...

It's been a VERY long road, sleeping on just a mattress on the floor for 8 months, trial and error, window coverings ... but it's finally over ... and it's my sanctuary. I literally feel at peace when I am in the room, and I couldn't be more happy how the room turned out!

In the next few days, I'll pick apart the room and tell you about what worked, what didn't, where I found certain pieces, and what I used as inspiration!

Hope everyone had a WONDERFUL weekend!


{Thanksgiving at The Imhoffs}

Saturday, November 13, 2010
Yep ... Ryan and I are hosting Thanksgiving dinner at our house this year! I am extremely excited ... however, we do have to overcome some obstacles ...

1. No Dining Room
2. No Dining Room Table
3. No Dishwasher

Even those these are HUGE obstacles to overcome, I just know it's going to be great. And you all know how much I love to entertain!

Here is my inspiration for our tablescape ...

I just bought this table runner ...

And I found these perfect Mason Jars at the antique store on Friday!

This week I am planning on making the menu, menu cards & assigning food. Can't wait to keep you all posted! What are your plans for Thanksgiving this year?


{Yarn Letters}

Thursday, November 11, 2010
OMG, I am SO going to do this is Bayler's "Big Boy" room in the next year. I think I am in LOVE!

Bailey over at Let Birds Fly created yarn-wrapped letters. Yep, you heard right ... yarn (aka: I can afford this project!). She even posted the tutorial ... score!

How amazing & expensive do these look? Seriously, she is a genius!

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