{Lets Talk Shoe Boxes}

Monday, November 8, 2010
I have a confession and it has to do with shoe boxes. I have kept EVERY single shoe box that my shoes have come in ... and ... every time I need a pair of shoes, I have to take it out of the original box. When I am done ... I have to place my shoes back in the box and back into the closet until I need then again ... is this OCD or do you all do this too?

Anyways, I took a HUGE leap today ... HUGE! I took 4 large black trash bags ... and TOSSED 98% of my shoe boxes. It was a moment of relief, and also a moment of terror. I just kept thinking up excuses as to why I would need to keep of of them. It was sick. I made Ryan take them all out to the trash, I couldn't do it myself. SO, now I had all of these shoes. My designer dream would be to have a closet like this ... BUT, back to reality I go. I picked up storage containers from Walmart, and this is what the new top of my closet looks like. I actually like it better :) No more stuffing shoes, etc. Now that's all that is left to do is to take pictures so that I know what shoes are which. Should be done by the end of the week ... "cross your fingers."

How do you all store your shoes?



Hattie said...

Great idea! I've been wanting to do this too!

Anonymous said...

I don't store all of my shoes like that.....but I'm going to.....VERY soon. I always wondered if the tall heels really fit in those storage containers?

The Phelps said...

I'm guilty, I still have 75% of my shoes in shoe boxes. I know my shoe boxes so well I dont even need to open it up to know what shoe it is. Bad I know, so you are very brave!

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