{Black Friday Tips & Tricks}

Tuesday, November 23, 2010
I don't know about you, but I just get giddy thinking about all the sales going on the day after Thanksgiving. Although I hate the long lines & the ridiculously early morning, I do enjoy a good deal ... in fact, I am pretty sure I get a high off of it :) Last year since I had a new baby at home, I decided it best not to go out, and do the online thing instead ... nope, not for me. I ended up just sitting at home thinking about all the deals out there, and how I was missing out. It's the same feeling I get when I can't garage sale, and someone I know comes over with their great finds ... ugh, I hate that. Or, even worse, getting to the garage sale late and seeing the item you have been looking for, in the hands of someone else in line to pay ... grrr!

So, this year ... watch out, I'm back! :) And since I know a lot of you will be out there with me in all your glory ... I have created a few tips and tricks for your shopping pleasure. Good luck girls (and guys!)

Natalie's Tips for Black Friday:

Yes, this takes time and patience, but sooo worth it in the end. Pull up the ads of all the stores you are wanting to go to. I usually do this party online, since they post faster than Thursday's paper. In fact, the iphone has the app now, and its FREE, so go get it! Know where it is that you are wanting to go, where in the store it is. If you do your research online, also know that stores put coupons in the local paper on Thursdays, so check these out as well.

I usually try to stick with 3 or less stores, otherwise, it's CRAZY. Since I already know what I am going to go and get, and where the best deals are, half my job is done. I then decide what it most important, or what I think will go the fastest, and that is where I go first. In other words ... know the times for special savings, door busters, hours of operation, or scope out ahead of time. It is also helpful to keep a list handy in your purse for all the people you are needing to buy for.

This can be tricky. The key is to find someone who is serious about Black Friday. Someone who also does their research ahead of time, and is fast and quick. Make it a game! I tend to have one person stay in line, while the others grab the items. Wait ... what if the other sees a GREAT deal, and you are stuck in line?? Don't worry, I have you covered. The most serious shoppers (like myself) use walkie-talkies ... oh yes we do! We don't waste ANY time.

Be sure to dress comfortably. Hey, I have been known to go in my pj's ... but please only do that if they are appropriate! I don't worry about hair or makeup ... just about getting out of the door. Tennis shoes are a must. Also, if you are thinking how much fun it would be to take along the whole family ... don't. I mean, unless you REALLY want to of course. But for me ... it's all about keeping the kids (and the husband) at home ... While getting out of the house with his wallet :) And probably the most important tip ... don't try to shop if you haven't had your dose of caffeine ... I like myself will be indulging in a holiday mocha from Starbucks ... ahh, now that's what Christmas is really about!!

and of course ... have fun. It's shopping!!! Hopefully we will all go home with our arms, legs and hands tired from all the Black Friday madness!

Oh ... and in case you haven't started working out for Friday (aka shopping bag curls and black Friday lunges) ... we'll then you should watch this Target Video!


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