Thanksgiving 2014

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving from The Imhoff's!
I hope everyone had a wonderful day like we did today.  To walk off our meal, we headed out to the trails to enjoy the outdoors - snapped a few of these while we were there. 
Feeling very blessed and Thankful this Thanksgiving!

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Thankful for Plumbing

Wednesday, November 26, 2014
Happy early Thanksgiving ya'll - we are THANKFUL for plumbing!  Being from the Mid West, we were not familiar with the building process here in Texas, especially with no basement.  So far so good though.  We are actually the last house in this phase, which means there is going to be a push to get our house finished in Late March, early April. So once the foundation is laid, it's going to go extremely quickly from this point on!

We are not going to travel for the holiday this year, we will be preparing our meal in our apartment.  Not quite the ideal Thanksgiving Feast, but this weekend we are planning a trip to some great holiday festivities this weekend and REALLY looking forward to that!
What's your holiday plans?

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The Grounds been Broken

Wednesday, November 12, 2014
It's the moment we've been waiting for since we moved to Texas.  It was also something we thought was at least a few weeks out.  BUT, much to our surprise, we have broke ground!
It's not much. And for those of you who have gone through this process before, you know this is barely anything.  In fact, some would say we haven't officially started yet, however, to us ... this was HUGE.  A sign that our dream in the process and it's official now.  Really official.

As you can see, they have only done the perimeter thus far.  You can see from our angles where the front door will be, the spiral staircase, kitchen, etc.  I have to say that I am extremely excited to watch this house go up.  Next up ... pluming then concrete!

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Murphy's Golden Hour

Tuesday, November 11, 2014
Late yesterday afternoon, I took the Boys and Murphy out for a quick little photo shoot during the "Golden Hour."  While I did capture some beautiful moments with the boys [waiting to share those a little closer to the Holidays.]  I did snap these beauties of our new family member.
The perfect day, the perfect light ... the perfect dog

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Meet Murphy

Tuesday, November 4, 2014
Meet Murphy! Our loveable, energetic and sweet new puppy!
He is such a great addition to our family.  To be honest, it is probably the best thing to happen to our family since our hearts will still healing from our other fur babies, which you can read here.

We knew our next puppy would be a golden retriever, but really, I didn't expect it to be this soon.  I was really thinking we would add to our family in the Spring when we moved into our new home.  I knew that would be "best," but Murphy was pulling on our heart strings.

When we were getting ready to leave, we realized that Murphy was born on the day that Tank passed away.  We believe it's fate that Murphy became ours.
He is the perfect addition and ALL puppy!  Don't you just love how puppies are so fluffy, trip over themselves when their running, completely depend on you and the unconditional love they bring?
Our hearts are full!

At only 8 weeks old in these photos, Murphy still has a lot of growing to do!  The boys are going to love growing up with their very own dog.

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Imhoff Halloween 2014

Monday, November 3, 2014
Imhoff Halloween is never dull and this year was no exception.  The only difference is that this year we're trick or treating in Texas, instead of Missouri.  And I have to say, it is weird not seeing family when the kids are all dressed up.  Facebook and social media will have to do!
This year both of the kids choose their own costumes.  Braeden LOVES Adam Levine and decided to dress up like a RockStar and Bayler decided on the BumbleBee Transformer.  Both equally as cute!  I do have to say, Braeden is usually super clean cut and almost on the preppy side on a day-to-day basis ... this look, totally different!!!  I think he make a good rocker :)

This year was very special as we trick or treated in our new neighborhood that we'll live in this Spring!
Hope everyone had a wonderful and safe Halloween!

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