Team Imhoff's Fireplace Progress #2 ... The Tile

Tuesday, February 25, 2014
Fireplace Progress #2 - The Tile has been chosen!
I couldn't be more excited to see the final results.  After tearing off the old green marble tile, seen HERE, we decided on ... while subway tile marble.  I am in love ... oh the beauty!
Here is what we decided on, which we found at our local Lowes Store ... expensive, but we don't have much space to cover.

We have medium grey walls, light carpet and white furniture, which will look SO much better with the white neutral stone than the green eyesore marble!  Hopefully it will be completed this week, and I'll be able to show it off by Friday!  Can't wait to show you the final product! 

Thinking about using the same time as a backsplash in the kitchen ... what do you think?

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Team Imhoff's Fireplace Progress ... Step #1

Sunday, February 23, 2014
It's been a while since we have done another project on the house ... at least since November, and it feels good to continue those projects that we had on our list.  We have done  A LOT to the house sine we moved in. All rooms were complete painted, ceilings were painted, all new fans, outlets, handles, and lights.  Bedrooms and closers were revamped, grout and tile were completed in the master bedroom, and the downstairs was completed remolded.  The Basement was painted, new lighting was placed, and the carpet was pulled up and stain as added to the floors. Carpet was placed on the stairs and spare bedroom.  Outside we added new shutters and lights ... painting to come this summer.  WOW, yes, lots have been done to the house so far. 
One of the projects on our list was our fireplace.  It's a beautiful focal point of our family room, however it also showcased the lovely [notsolovely] green marble tile surrounding the woodwork.
Today we stripped and took up all of the green marble, and will be working this week on adding new tile.  We have picked out a white marble tile to replace it with.
Or maybe we'll just keep it how it is? :)


What do you think so far?  Any other suggestions besides tile?

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Imhoff Valentine's Day 2014

Saturday, February 15, 2014
Valentine's Day at The Imhoff Household!
It's the little things when you're a mom.  Making sugar cookies, watching the kids as they sneak cookie dough while you pretend not to notice.  This VDay we made sugar cookies cut into heart shapes and put together the kids Valentine's for their classmates.  The evening ended with a romantic dinner out as a family ... I wouldn't have it any other way.  I love those three men!
The Pampered Mom's Soft & Chewy Sugar Cookies:

We had so much fun making our Valentines for our friends! More post to come on Bayler's glow stick custom Valentine.

Love these boys! 
Happy Valentine's Day!

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The Pampered Mom's Snow Ice Cream

Saturday, February 8, 2014
The Pampered Mom's EASY [four ingredient] Snow Ice Cream!
the perfect snowed-in recipe to make with your kids

Bowl filled with snow
Heavy Whipping Cream
Vanilla Extract
Fill a bowl full of fresh snow.  Add heavy whipping cream to the bowl of snow, making sure not to make the ice cream too runny.  Add in sugar TT and a splash of vanilla.  Enjoy!

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