{MU Homecoming}

Thursday, October 29, 2009
Although the Tigers got uummm, how should I say this ... stomped, I still had a GREAT time! Ryan and I headed up to Columbia with the kiddos, dropped them off at my mom's, and started our homecoming outting.

We started off at a bar called Duece Pub & Pit, and then finally headed over to a highschool friend of mines house close to campus. Since tickets were SOOO expensive, we all decided we would tailgate at the house and then head out to a bar to watch the actual game.

The tailgate was fun. I had not seen a lot of people there in sometime, especially Cody's parents and it was good to catch up. Afterwards we headed downtown to a place called "The Tin Can" to watch the game (well some would call it a game, other would call it thedayhomecomingwasrocked.) It stinks that it ended up that way, even the bar shut off the game in the 3rd quarter. Homefully this week we can start to turn things around.

On the other hand, since the game was SO bad, I got to spend all of my time playing quarters, taking picture with old friend, and just plan getting crazy!

As you can see ... It was a crazy night!

I'm sad that Homecoming is over, but I already can't wait for house decs next year ... the boys will be older and able to enjoy it a little more!

{Homecoming House Decs}

Wednesday, October 28, 2009
To most of you, it's no surprise that Homecoming House Decs are my absolute favorite part of Homecoming. I'm serious, I love it more than tailgating, more than the game ... more than ... well anything MU homecoming related, and I am determined to share my passion for house decs with my kids.

Anyone confused what a house dec is?

House Decs are skits put on by the greek community at the University of Missouri by creating characters including our mascot, Truman the Tiger and the challenger's mascot. This year it was Texas. Anyways, the skit backgrounds and characters are made out of tissue paper, and it involves the act of "pomping."

Pomp (pomp) v: The act of folding into cylinders and gluing squares of tissue paper to multiple pieces of plywood with the end goal of creating a larger-than-life scene.

Pomp (pomp) n: Also known as pomp "juice." A sticky, magical mixture comprised of flour and water, with occasional fly wing.

Pomp (pomp) adj: The most appropriate modifier for Mizzou Homecoming.

What does it mean to "pomp"?
Each fraternity and sorority will take small squares of colored tissue paper, wrap them around pencils, markers, or fingers and pasted to wood boards to form a picture

According to Jeopardy, Mizzou and Kansas hold the title as creators of Homecoming. Back in 1911 the two came head-to-head in a border showdown, ending in a 3-3 tie game. And so Homecoming was born. For the last four weeks, Greek students all over campus have been pomping. That's right… pomping! This process entails taking a small piece of tissue paper and wrapping it around a marker, dipping it in glue and sticking it on a piece of plywood. It sounds simple enough, but it takes over 5,000 pieces of pomp to complete one board.

Houses pomp from 20 boards to 56 boards. In order to get people to pomp, some sorority and fraternity houses demand mandatory hours. If members don't complete their mandatory hours, they can either be fined or banned from certain house events.
Some houses demand anywhere from five hours a week, to forty hours a week.

Sounds tiring huh? IT IS! But it's a tradition I will seriously CRY if it ever goes away. And for all of you out there thinking this is just a waste of products ... they can ALL be recycled!

This year it was really windy, raining and just plain COLD! We only took the kids to three, but when we were leaving Braeden said ... "More?" He is SOOO my son! Here are the AMAZING house decs ... but less than amazing pictures ... sorry about that!


Tuesday, October 27, 2009
I want to share a story with you, it's a crazy/small word kind of story...

When I was younger, probably around 6th grade or so, I met Cody. We were at middle school, not in the same classes, but we played sports together ... mainly softball. Our friendship grew, and by the time we were in Junior High we really connected. This one night, one outfit accessory, changed our life. And it was her DAD's acccessory.

Softball practice was a daily ritual for us. Cody was a catcher, I was an outfielder, we lived for the catch in center field, when there was a runner on third trying to make it home ... I DON'T think SO! Most of the time it was our dad's who took us to practice, they would stay in the bleatchers and shoot the breeze i'm sure. On this day, Cody's dad wore a Wyaconda(like a little town) hat. Most people would have NO clue where Wyaconda was ... but not my family! Cody's family and my family are from Wyaconda/Kahoka, Missouri. Small town = you know EVERYONE! So they started asking questions ... are you ready for this ...

It turns out that my Grandma (my mom's mom) moved to Wyaconda/Kahoka area afer high school to be a teacher in a one room school house. She didn't have anywhere to live, so this nice couple let her stay at their house. This nice couple was Cody's Great Grandmother and Great Grandfather. They got along wonderfully, so much so, that Cody's Great Grandmother ended up naming her daughter Joy, after my grandma.

This doesn't happen every day people! So eventually my grandmother got married, they moved away, la de dah, and YEARS pass, and Cody and I meet, become besties, and realize our past! It's really a beautiful story.

So why am I bringing this up now? When my mom was 2 years old (Braeden's age) my Grandma sent a Christmas Card to Cody's Great Grandma ... and she kept it in a scrapbook. While visiting, they gave the card to Cody to give to me ... which I receieved this weekend ...

How's that little history tid-bit! Thanks Cody ... I wonder what our Great Grandkids will think?

{Downloadable Pumpkin Stencils}

Monday, October 26, 2009
Every year I have trouble trying to decided what to carve in my pumpkin, now with kids, we want them to be involved too. Taste of Home provides several Halloween stencils. This is an easy way to pick what you want your pumpkin to look like, plus their super easy. And yes, they are FREE!

There are a lot to choose from, simple, quick and you don't need all those fancy tools or a lot of time!

It's also no secret that Martha Stewart LOVES Halloween. I think both of these pumpkins look pretty fun!

Happy Carving!

{Banana Invitations}

Thursday, October 1, 2009
These may have taken me several hours to make, but I am SO SO SO pleased with them. I love the way they turned out!

Since Braeden is having a Curious George Themed Birthday, I wanted to do something unique for the invites. I came up with this idea from flipping through pictures on flicker, but I changed them a bit to make them my own.

Wouldn't you want to get one of these in the mail?

I first started by creating what I wanted to say on word. I put it in a half moon shape so that when I cut out the banana, the wording would be in a curve. Secondly, I cut out all the bananas on yellow card stock. Then, finally I cut the same shape in yellow felt, added a little hot glue, and wha la!

He are the actual bananas, sorry the picture quality is so poor, I took it on my iphone.

Here is the wording ...


Calling all Monkeys
To Come and Play

Let’s Celebrate
Braeden’s 2nd Birthday!

SWING on by

October 18, 2009


Monkey See, Monkey Do
RSVP to Natalie if you want to


I was really pleased with myself, that was until my Mother-in-Law pointed out that I forgot the time ... WHAT? I couldn't believe it! So I had to add a little piece of paper in the envelope ...

It read:

"Natalie's gone BANANAS and forgot to add the time! Please join us at 3:00 PM!"

Other than that I am super excited! Yesterday a box full of goodies got here for Braeden, and it included a pinata ... can't wait to fill ya all in! Saturday I'll show you the cute cupcake sticks I made ... stay tuned!

PS: The giveaway ends in 24 hours! Blog about this giveaway ... and i'll give ya an extra entry!
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