{MU Homecoming}

Thursday, October 29, 2009
Although the Tigers got uummm, how should I say this ... stomped, I still had a GREAT time! Ryan and I headed up to Columbia with the kiddos, dropped them off at my mom's, and started our homecoming outting.

We started off at a bar called Duece Pub & Pit, and then finally headed over to a highschool friend of mines house close to campus. Since tickets were SOOO expensive, we all decided we would tailgate at the house and then head out to a bar to watch the actual game.

The tailgate was fun. I had not seen a lot of people there in sometime, especially Cody's parents and it was good to catch up. Afterwards we headed downtown to a place called "The Tin Can" to watch the game (well some would call it a game, other would call it thedayhomecomingwasrocked.) It stinks that it ended up that way, even the bar shut off the game in the 3rd quarter. Homefully this week we can start to turn things around.

On the other hand, since the game was SO bad, I got to spend all of my time playing quarters, taking picture with old friend, and just plan getting crazy!

As you can see ... It was a crazy night!

I'm sad that Homecoming is over, but I already can't wait for house decs next year ... the boys will be older and able to enjoy it a little more!


JennyLee said...

I'm sorry the Tigers didn't win. At least you still had fun!

JennyLee said...
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