{The Name Game}

Thursday, May 28, 2009
Guys, I am thinking that this baby better be a girl, because I can not for the life of me pick another boy name. I'm serious, this is getting way to close for comfort, and for those of you wondering why I just don't "wait until I see him" ... no, there are only so many things that I can keep a surprise. So really, send your cute boy names my way! Well, unles you don't want me to steal it :)

Ryan likes old fashioned names, I like cotemporary, and well ... I will not settle on Gunner this time ... I wont!

{Pictures ... Check!}

Thursday, May 21, 2009
After a couple of nights working on Braeden's pictures for his room, I am pleased to say they are DONE! I am so pleased with how they turned out. The only thing left to do is attach a bracket to the back, and have Ryan hang them after he paints (we only have primer up right now.) Let me know what you think. Of course I had to tape them to the wall to see how they will look, so try not to focus on that :)

I used diamond plated sticker that you can pretty much find at any local auto store, it's pretty expensive, but I think it turned out great. I plan on getting frames down the road, but on a limited budget, you do what you can!

{Labor Scare}

Saturday, May 16, 2009
Well, first I want to apologize to everyone who received ... "We're having the baby!" text last night. It was obviously a false alarm. Let me explain ...

(this is probably going to be graphic, so read at your own risk)

Last night I was getting ready to go over to my friend Tara's house and hang out with a bunch of women. I NEVER do anything, especially by myself, so I was especially excited to get out of the house on a Friday night, and know that Ryan was cool with watching Braeden all night.

I am laying on the couch, waiting for Braeden to wake up from his nap so I could start taking my shower. I have a bad cough and was in one of my spasms, when I felt like something was weird ... ya know. I didn't think much about it, except for the fact that I had just been watching this show on TLC "I didn't Know I Was Pregnant." Obviously I know, but I was making jokes in my head thinking, how funny would it be if I were in Labor... (thinking back, not very funny at all)

So I jump in the shower, and things start to feel really weird ... literally, I thought I was going to have the baby in the tub ... what the ..?? So I jump out, call Ryan (who was at the bar by the way) and tell him he has to come home right now. He gets home, and I am crying, I don't know what to think, I am on the phone with Boone Hospital who is yelling at me to get on my back, put my feet up and call 911! Oh hell .. at this point ... I just have NOOOO clue what to think. Ryan finally gets home and looks, and calls the hospital back to describe what he sees. And they determine over the phone that it is my water sac, and it's getting ready to break.

They originally tell us that we need to get to a hospital here in Jeff, but there was no way ... oh no, I am not going here. So Ryan is driving 100 mph down the highway, there are tornado warnings everywhere, the rain is so heavy we can hardly see the road, and I am thinking to myself ... now I am going to have this baby in the car. Ryan continues to call the hospital to let them know where we are, and they let us know they have everything ready for me ... and the baby warmer is all ready. CRAZY, because it would not have been a good thing, I am still 2 months out. So this is when I start texting some close friends and letting them know that we are having the baby ... duh, cause this is what everyone is telling me.

We pull up to the ER, I get wheeled immediately to maternity, and literally, I was laughing because I stood up from the chair to move to the bed, and I had four women ripping my clothes off ... no Modesty, I swear.

Turns out I had a cyst, that was just really bad, and they had to take it out. Before they did that, I had to get an IV, monitor the baby, routine pelvic checks, etc. The baby was fine, and everything turned out alright, except for the fact they still had to remove it. They kept saying it was a small procedure, but there was nothing small about this. I had to go to a different room, I had three nurses in there handing the doc tools, needless to say ... it was so scary. And the worst, is that they could not remove it totally without putting me out. SO, the fun part is, I get to do this all over again AFTER I have this baby ... oh how fun, I can't wait.

So more to come when I have a better understanding of what actually happened to me last night, but I wanted to apologize to everyone for scaring them. No baby yet. He/She is still doing well in the belly, and I am SOOO not ready for it to get here yet. The whole time up to Columbia I was thinking ... I don't even have a bag packed, it took me 20 mins to find the pants I wanted ... I don't have a boy named picked out ... I didn't even have my camera. (Note to Self: Have all of this ready in the next week and have it ready to go!!)


Tuesday, May 12, 2009
My poor husband, he has been working non stop on my list the past couple of days, and I just feel so blessed that we have the ability and the strength to do all the little things here and there that need to be done before baby number 2 comes into our lives. It's right around the corner, and every day I feel like I have to add to my list.

Ryan has been painting, bathroom fixing and landscaping ... Holy Moley! We were out there last weekend building a wall in the front of our house and all of a sudden Ryan jumps back and is like ... "Something is moving in there." Of course I have to know what it is, so I pick up the shovel, and start moving around the dirt, and out pops four MOLES ... EWE ... but they were babies ... couldn't even dig yet. We hit the jackpot! We didn't know where the mom was at this point, and Ryan wouldn't even get close to them, so here I am trying to figure out what to do. We called Ryan's grandma (she has an answer for everything) and she was screaming ... "kill them, kill them." Well, I couldn't just kill these little moles, I am just not a killer, so I decided to load them up on my shovel and take them down to the woods behind our house about a quarter mile away. Although I am sure they did not survive without their mom, I still felt better about taking them there then bashing them over their heads ... poor guys!

Thought you would want to see how "tough" I am. I bet I am one of the only girls who would jump in there, pick up moles, and still have her pearls on :)

Check it out ...

{Baby Shower Help}

Monday, May 11, 2009
Okay you all, I am planning a baby shower for one of my dear friends Melissa. I have a few great ideas, but I want your help too. I know, I know ... I should be GREAT at this, but really ... weddings is about all I do :)

So below I have posted a few pictures of what I would like to do (a lot are from you all)... the rest is up to you! Send me your ideas, and thoughts.

FYI: Melissa is having a GIRL, going to be named Madison (love it!) and is due ONE WEEK EXACTLY AFTER ME! AHH, how crazy! We are going to have super fun play dates ... or just naps ... we'll be exhausted!

{Lawn Care for Hire}

Lawn Care for Hire:

{Saint Louis Drag Races}

Monday, May 4, 2009
Every year Ryan and I go to the drag races with a number of people from Jeff City. We meet up at 6 in the morning and pile into a huge coach bus, and head to STL. It's a super long day (12 or more hours) and the heat, sun, alcohol (both from the cars and the bottle), and loud noises make for such a long day. Although this year I was not drinking, I was pregers, so it made for a REALLY long day. My back and belly were sooo sore, and I actually started having contractions on the way home. Don't worry ... I am not having them today, no I am not having the baby for about 10 more weeks, so don't get too excited :) The drag races are definitely something that I enjoy doing ONCE a year. Every night after the races Ryan and I always say that we probably will not go back the next year, but it never fails ... we always do. Thought you would want to see pictures and videos from yesterday. The sound does not to justice. It is so loud there that everyone wears ear plugs, your heart skips a beat, and it rattles your whole entire body ... but it's an event that everyone should experience!

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