Tuesday, May 12, 2009
My poor husband, he has been working non stop on my list the past couple of days, and I just feel so blessed that we have the ability and the strength to do all the little things here and there that need to be done before baby number 2 comes into our lives. It's right around the corner, and every day I feel like I have to add to my list.

Ryan has been painting, bathroom fixing and landscaping ... Holy Moley! We were out there last weekend building a wall in the front of our house and all of a sudden Ryan jumps back and is like ... "Something is moving in there." Of course I have to know what it is, so I pick up the shovel, and start moving around the dirt, and out pops four MOLES ... EWE ... but they were babies ... couldn't even dig yet. We hit the jackpot! We didn't know where the mom was at this point, and Ryan wouldn't even get close to them, so here I am trying to figure out what to do. We called Ryan's grandma (she has an answer for everything) and she was screaming ... "kill them, kill them." Well, I couldn't just kill these little moles, I am just not a killer, so I decided to load them up on my shovel and take them down to the woods behind our house about a quarter mile away. Although I am sure they did not survive without their mom, I still felt better about taking them there then bashing them over their heads ... poor guys!

Thought you would want to see how "tough" I am. I bet I am one of the only girls who would jump in there, pick up moles, and still have her pearls on :)

Check it out ...


Katie said...

holey cow...that is unbelievable. How brave of you - I wouldn't be able to kill em either :)

jess said...

Gross, gross, gross!! But I'm with you - I couldn't have killed them! Crazy story :)

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