{Saint Louis Drag Races}

Monday, May 4, 2009
Every year Ryan and I go to the drag races with a number of people from Jeff City. We meet up at 6 in the morning and pile into a huge coach bus, and head to STL. It's a super long day (12 or more hours) and the heat, sun, alcohol (both from the cars and the bottle), and loud noises make for such a long day. Although this year I was not drinking, I was pregers, so it made for a REALLY long day. My back and belly were sooo sore, and I actually started having contractions on the way home. Don't worry ... I am not having them today, no I am not having the baby for about 10 more weeks, so don't get too excited :) The drag races are definitely something that I enjoy doing ONCE a year. Every night after the races Ryan and I always say that we probably will not go back the next year, but it never fails ... we always do. Thought you would want to see pictures and videos from yesterday. The sound does not to justice. It is so loud there that everyone wears ear plugs, your heart skips a beat, and it rattles your whole entire body ... but it's an event that everyone should experience!

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