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Sunday, December 27, 2009
I know I have asked a lot of my followers lately, following me from blog to blog, but The Bridal Solution has MOVED to it's very own site!

Please come join us over at...

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Thanks Everyone!

I just added a new wedding that TBS was apart of, come see what everyone is talking about (Kaalan & Lance's Wedding!)


It's All in the Eyes

Umm, it is wrong to believe that in order to have a child, you should be required to have a DSLR camera. I am just in love with this camera and I really don't know what I did before now. The pictures just do not compare!


{Merry Christmas from the Imhoffs}

Saturday, December 26, 2009
Merry Christmas everyone! I hope all of you were blessed to be with family and friends over the holiday weekend, I know we were. We were crazy busy, but it was a a great kind a busy. Holidays are so much more exciting with the kids then they ever were, that's for sure. Of course Braeden and Bayler were spoiled rotten, just like they should have been :)

I was also spoiled this year. Ryan got me a brand spanking new camera. I had been using this little dinky fuji camera for a while now, and it was just not taking good pictures. It would have been fine if it was just Ryan and I, but I REALLY wanted to capture the kids while they were little and get some great pictures. SO, he got me a Nikon DSLR camera ... words can not describe how much I love this camera ... it's pretty much my dream! And now, everyone in the house has to go along with me and pretend that I am a professional photographer from now on! haha ... I am not close at all, but I tell you, this camera really does make you feel like one!

Here are a few of my favorite photos ... more to come, but I just took these tonight!

Happy Holidays from The Imhoffs!


Santa at Bass Pro

Tuesday, December 22, 2009
Monday, Ryan and I were able to take both kids to our local Bass Pro Shop to go see Santa. I really didn't know what to think before we arrived ... Santa at Bass Pro? Last year I had taken Braeden to see Santa at our mall and it was ummm ... kind of pathetic. Santa wasn't even in his suit, he was just in a white and green shirt with over sized pants ... I was NOT impressed. Oh, and did I mention it cost us $25.00 to get a picture. What a rip off. It was horrible picture quality too!! Since when did people start taking advantage of little kids who want to see Santa??

So anyways, we pulled up at Bass Pro and walked in side and I was amazed. It was completely decorated like Santa's workshop, they had a a place for kids to write letters, a place to play with toys, Nerf toys, reindeer, elves ... it was the real deal!

So we got in line, which was ONE family long, compared to the 20 minute wait at the mall, and got the kids ready to see Santa. It was SO cute. There was no way that Braeden was going to sit on his lap, but he did want to give him a "high five!" Bayler just sat there like usual, just taking it all in and smiling! Santa asked Braeden what he wanted to Christmas, and of course, Braeden said "choo choo." Hrmm ... I don't think mom and dad got that ... maybe I'll have to do some late night shopping on of these days, because that is seriously ALL he is talking about! The picture actually turned out pretty good too. You should have seen Ryan's face when the "elves" told him the picture was free ... oh my gosh, it was like a kid of Christmas morning! I really hope that Bass Pro continues to have Santa there each Christmas, the kids loved it, I enjoyed looking around, and Ryan found a million things he would love! Thank God I did not have to take the kids the Jeff mall again!!


All Girls Need a Best Guy Friend

Saturday, December 19, 2009
I am one of those self-proclaimed girls that have just always gotten along better with guys. I'm not really sure why that is, because I am DRAMA prone, but I have never been a fan of it. The first couple years of high school I hung around a group of guys who I adored. They were Indian, Hungarian, Russian, etc. It was an odd group, but we were all really close. Around my junior year of HS I had a great guy friend named Brad, we had some great times together. I left for college without any of them ... but, I ended up meeting ...

Jared. Love him to death! I met this sweet little innocent guy at my friend Dani's house, and after that ... we were bound. We went out every weekend together, lived next to each other for a year, judged each other's dates up and down, and well, got in trouble together. Once he graduated, I really wasn't sure where we would end up ... Jared lives in KC now where is family is, and you all know I live in a small town about 2 hours away... annoying! What is a girl going to do when her best guy friend isn't around?

Jared and his sister Priscilla came to visit Ryan and I on Friday ... I hadn't laughed that hard in a long time! I just love their company! So glad they came down and were able to see my kids! I can't wait to take the kiddos to KC in a couple of months and hang out with his family and nephews (same ages as Braeden & Bayler.)

I took Jrod and Perky to a local bar here in town, we were just able to sit and relax, have a few drinks and tell some funny stories ... I think every story about Jared and I makes me want to pee my pants! I just think that every girl needs a great guy friend, who never let's them forget when you fell off of a bar stool, almost hit a car in the McDonald's drive thru, and for reminding me that I was not raised by wolves and that there are only 5 wheels on rollerblades, not 16!

Love you Jared ... Thanks for all the great memories!


It's Almost Christmas!

Thursday, December 17, 2009
With all the hustle and bustle of Christmas, it's hard to think about anythign else. Today was extremely busy, and I am feeling the pressure! Right now Braeden is a little sicky. He has a bad cold, so dealing with that is enough. We are also on our second day of "potty training". This has been interesting. He is interested in sitting on his potty seat, but when it comes to actually going in there, he will pass. The most funny part about potty training Braeden? It's got to be when I make him sit on his potty seat and tell him to go "pee pee" he just makes the potty sound ... "pppsssssssssss." And then he polietly stands up, pulls up his pants, and asks me for his M&M. HA, what am I going to do with him?

I did manage to find a little time to day to wrap some presents, decorate with jingle bells, and make a cable knit (pink) wine wrap... I couldn't for the life of me find any white cable knit, so I just used an old sweater of mine that I will never wear/fit into again!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! My best guy friend Jared is coming over tomorrow from KC to spend the day/night with us, and I am SUPER excited. Then Sunday the whole gang is packing up and heading to "Great Grandma's" house for Christmas! Can't wait!


DIY Wine Wrap from Grey's

Wednesday, December 16, 2009
I have been thinking about these DIY Wine Wraps all day since I saw them featured on Grey Likes Weddings. They are so beautiful! Tonight I pulled out all of my old clothes that I have packed away, and I will be going through them in the next couple of days to see what lovely sweaters I have pushed aside. Hopefully, I will be able to make these beauties next week. I think they would be beautiful Christmas decorations even if you don't give them as gifts!

For instructions, head over to Grey's.
Have a lovely night!


{Clifford the Big Red Dog}

Saturday, December 12, 2009
Today was a VERY busy day to say the least. I think I ran a million errands around Columbia and Jeff, and I am W O R N out! Not to mention Braeden didn't go to bed last night till about 2:30 AM and woke up ready to rock and roll at 7:30 AM ... grr.

Here is the breakdown of our day ...

7:30 Woke up (TIRED), Clean up house, pack for the day, dress the kids, take a shower, get myself ready, pick up the house today, etc.

11:30 Finally on the road to Columbia to drop of MK to melissa, Mom's house for lunch and for her to watch Bayler

1:00 Leave for the YouZeum, play with Clifford, run around the amzaing facility

2:45 Meet up with a bride and groom at The Blue Note for a site visit/drop off producks

3:15 Drop off registration form for Bridal Boot Camp

4:00 Back on the road home

4:15 Turn around, go pick up a jumperoo I found on craigslist

5:15 Home, pick up, eat dinner, wrap gift, get myself ready again/boys ready

6:00 Natalie's birthday party

8:00 Leave party, head home pissed because my son acts rediculous at play dates

8:30 Braeden's bath, Bayler jammies ... Braeden in bed

9:00 ... SIT DOWN ... oh wait ... Breaeden's out of bed again .....

Anyways, the highlight of my day had to be Braeden interacting with Clifford. He wasn't shy at all. Just walked right up to him, gave him a hug and a kiss, grabbed his hand and told him to come play toys with him ... So CUTE!


Friday, December 11, 2009
Hey Guys, welcome to the new blog! I told you it wouldn't be much different! You do need to change your blog roll/sidebar/follower list, because it wont redirct you forever. You'll have to make the change eventually!

So I have some shout outs to make. As you can see, there are a few little changes (lots more to come.) First of all, the new blog is now I also changed a little font work yesterday (took me freaking forever). But thanks to two fellow bloggers ... I finally got it to work!

First, Thank you to Lindsey over at Sweet Simplicity. I emailed her one night and she emailed me the next morning with all the info I needed. Thanks Lindsey. Be sure to go check out her blog ... so cute!

Second, thank you to the blog KevinandAmanda. This is where you can find cute fonts/tutorials, etc all for your blog. Some really great stuff!

Lastly, I am looking to get a major blog overhaul done ... I would love to hear who you all think does great work. Shoot me an email, leave a comment and I will pick one to use.

Thanks everyone for your support! I love you all!


Thursday, December 10, 2009
Please update your blog roll ladies ... team imhoff is moving. But don't worry, it's not far!

My new site will be ...

Head on over in the next couple of days ... I will post after this transaction disaster is over!

{How to Make an Ornament Wreath}

Sunday, December 6, 2009
A while back, I showed you this wreath. I wanted to fill you in on just HOW EASY it is to make.

Here are a few others to feast your eyes upon ...

(Sources: Just a Girl, CB2, Good Housekeeping)

They are extremely simple to make ... which is exacly why I gave it a go!

What You Will Need:
1. Orniments of your choice (make sure they are not too cheap, otherwise, they will fall off. TRUST me on this! :)
2. A wire hanger
3. A ribbon

First you start by taking the wire hanger and straightening it out. After you have worked out all the kinks, you form it into a circle. From there, you litterally just start stringing the ornaments on the wire any way you like. Hold the two ends together and keep stringing until you can't put anymore ornaments on. I then ducted taped it together ... yeah, I did that. Nothing pretty about that, but after you take your pretty ribbon and hang your newly decorated ornament wreath, no one will ever see it!

I'm all about the expensive looking decorations that only cost you a pretty penny!

{Easy Peasy Cinnimon Rolls}

This weekend I had a bunch of boys at my house ... not counting my 3 ... I also had about 5 others. Ryan was able to rangle up some of his buddiens and replace our roof. It was a task, let me tell you ... and dirrty it was! But, it's all done, just in time for a snow storm coming our way!

The last morning they were here I decided to make cinnimon rolls ... but I'm a mom first, and I didn't make them the night before to let them rise like normal. This recipe is SO easy, ANYONE can do this at a drop of the hat. In fact, I had all of the ingredients in my house already!

Pillsburry Cresent Rolls
Brown Sugar
Powdered Sugar

First you spray your cookie sheet and preheat the oven at 350 degrees. Roll out your cresent rolls and brush on some melted butter. Sprinkle flat rolls with brown sugar and cinnimon and roll up as you would a normal cresent roll. i also brushed on some melted butter on top of the rolls as well. Pop in the oven for about 13 minutes. While you're waiting, mix powdered sugar and milk to your liking, and when the rolls are done, glaze your cinnimon rolls and Wha La ... Easy Peasy Cinnimon Rolls!

Everyone thought they were REALLY yummy!

{Christmas Lovelies}

I just love these christmas lovelies ...

{It's Begining to Look a lot like Christmas]

Tuesday, December 1, 2009
It's really no surprise that I absolutely love Christmas decorations. It's my second favorite holiday, right behind 4th of July, but the only holiday I truly get excited about decorating for. Every year, I put out all the storage bins of tinsel, lights and ornaments the day after Thanksgiving. The colder outside the better. And, just to add to the festivities, I always simmer cinnamon and orange peel on the stove ... ahh, it's heaven!

Every year, the day after Christmas, I go to our local Target, Kohls, etc, and I get decorations at half off or more. Before I have time to even enjoy them, I place them back in the bins for next year. It's a little surprise for next Christmas!

That being said, I decorate all of the house on Friday and I leave Saturday open for tree shopping. Then Sunday, I usually decorate the tree. This past Sunday I had to decorate REALLY late at night, because two little boys would not let me during the day!

Here is a little sneak peak of our house ...

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