Santa at Bass Pro

Tuesday, December 22, 2009
Monday, Ryan and I were able to take both kids to our local Bass Pro Shop to go see Santa. I really didn't know what to think before we arrived ... Santa at Bass Pro? Last year I had taken Braeden to see Santa at our mall and it was ummm ... kind of pathetic. Santa wasn't even in his suit, he was just in a white and green shirt with over sized pants ... I was NOT impressed. Oh, and did I mention it cost us $25.00 to get a picture. What a rip off. It was horrible picture quality too!! Since when did people start taking advantage of little kids who want to see Santa??

So anyways, we pulled up at Bass Pro and walked in side and I was amazed. It was completely decorated like Santa's workshop, they had a a place for kids to write letters, a place to play with toys, Nerf toys, reindeer, elves ... it was the real deal!

So we got in line, which was ONE family long, compared to the 20 minute wait at the mall, and got the kids ready to see Santa. It was SO cute. There was no way that Braeden was going to sit on his lap, but he did want to give him a "high five!" Bayler just sat there like usual, just taking it all in and smiling! Santa asked Braeden what he wanted to Christmas, and of course, Braeden said "choo choo." Hrmm ... I don't think mom and dad got that ... maybe I'll have to do some late night shopping on of these days, because that is seriously ALL he is talking about! The picture actually turned out pretty good too. You should have seen Ryan's face when the "elves" told him the picture was free ... oh my gosh, it was like a kid of Christmas morning! I really hope that Bass Pro continues to have Santa there each Christmas, the kids loved it, I enjoyed looking around, and Ryan found a million things he would love! Thank God I did not have to take the kids the Jeff mall again!!


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