{I've Been Busy}

Tuesday, July 29, 2008
Today was a very busy day for the Imhoff family. I can't really explain it except for the fact we all got a good night sleep last night, and woke up ready to work and get things done. Our yard looks amazing ... thank you honey, the house is clean ... thanks to cleaning Mondays, Laundry is done and FOLDED, and it was a perfect day to get updated on some much needed wedding tasks!

First thing was rehearsal invites and plans. I was able to get all the addresses out to Dorothy today (she is making the invites ... what a lovely gesture.) As for me, I set up shop today at Kinkos and was able to print off our menu cards and program covers ... whew, it was a job. But, everything is complete and I am feeling pretty good about everything thus far.

Next step ... stupid programs themselves ... flower fixes (my floral designer QUIT!) and toasting glasses ... what a week :) Don't let me fool you ... I love this!

Trust me ... they look better in person. And God Bless Cody ... she is helping me put them together on Friday ... ahh, I just love her!!

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Cody said...

hahahahaaa you DO love this, I can just TELL! I couldn't even think of half the things you're including. It's going to be so pretty! And I'm excited about Friday. :)

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