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Monday, July 7, 2008
So you may remember that for Father's Day I got Ryan a champion ride in a NASCAR at Kansas City Speedway with the Jeff Gordon Racing School. Well, yesterday (Sunday) was the big day. Ryan, Braeden and I left Jeff around 9 in the A.M. and headed for Kansas.

Once we got to KS, we dropped Braeden off at my mom's and my grandma's. It would have been WAY too hot for Braeden, plus all the waiting in line, etc. We had to bring all of this paperwork for Ryan to be able to ride, and it was a little scary. All these waivers, rules, regulations ... it even said that we would have to go through an hour of training before it began. Totally NOT TRUE. We arrived, checked in, and we were given a number. We literally waited for about 40 minutes, and Ryan was OFF.

Here is Ryan waiting in line, he just put on his helmet ... One more person to go!!

Here is Ryan taking off .... WOW!! And just watch how fast they are going. You actually go from zero to one hundred and eighty five in seconds. The drivers actually get so close to the wall and other drivers, you literally think you are going to crash ... amazing!!

So Ryan gets done racing and heads over the the check in both, asks if there are any other rides available, and seriously hands him his credit card and says, "Natty, you are going!" haha, so of course I was like ... "ok" I never get to do anything really exhilarating and I just had to get in one of those cars.

Here are some of my pictures ... Can you believe I actually did that!!


jess said...

You are so brave, Natalie!! Way to go, that looks like so much fun!

Anonymous said...

you are so funny!

who rides a nascar in a jean skirt?!-- only you!

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