Bayler's Mizzou Themed Birthday Party

Monday, June 22, 2015
Well this blog is a testament to how terrible I have been at blogging this past year.  With a full-time job, a move across states, and building a new sure has had me busy!  Now it's ONE year later and I am just getting around to posting about Bayler's 5th Birthday Party.
I actually thought I had blogged about this already, and when I tried to pull up the past post, I realized, just how wrong I was!  Opps!  SO, before I post about Bayler's 6th Birthday, I thought I needed to get his 5th birthday out of the way. HA, how did I get so far behind! :)
Bayler had a MIZZOU themed 5th birthday with the works!  We're talking Black and Gold to the NINES!  I made this custom invitation, made the stripped cake and cupcakes and found everything I could Mizzou for the big day.  The hit, which is no surprise, was the Bucks Tiger Stripped Ice Cream.  I got the small pints for the kids to make it easy and then I also grabbed a large to feed all the adults.  It was a great birthday, filled with family and friends.  My favorite photo from the day was when Bayler opened a gift that Braeden had picked out for him and he immediately jumped up and hugged him.  How sweet brother's love can be!

Thanks for taking a look, hope you enjoyed!  If you feel compelled, I would love to have you follow our blog and our families adventures!

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