A Lesson on Baking

Sunday, June 14, 2015
I want to make sure and introduce baking to the boys.  It's so important to me that they know their way around the kitchen and are able to make and bake simple and traditional items.  SO, today we learned how to make chocolate chip cookies!
It went beyond just dumping and stirring.  Braeden had to read the entire recipe to me and ask questions about what certain things were, and Bayler was in charge of preparing all the ingredients.  It was the first time baking in the new house and I must say ... it's more fun when you have a lot more space to bake!

These boys were so excited to eat what they made!  And if you can't tell, they are EXHAUSTED!  Not enough sleep + making two boys be patient while the cookies baked = Slap Happy!  They couldn't stop giggling for the photo!  Love these two!
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