Stone Bath Mat by Lowes

Sunday, January 17, 2010
Did anyone happen to catch this beautiful stone bath mat in the latest issue of Lowes Creative Ideas? It was a really small picture on the back page which referred you to their website, but I just knew I had to check it out more.

I was so pleased to see it was an easy project and something I could do in an afternoon ... got to love those! I am planning on heading to our local Lowes tomorrow and surprising Ryan ... I just don't know where to put it. It would look great in a bathroom, mudroom or outdoors!

Here are the project details, but check out the website for the tutorial.

Skill level: Beginner
Rough cost estimate: $40*
Rough time estimate: 3 hours

Lowe’s List

1 (2- x 5-foot) roll of white nonadhesive shelf liner (#174006)
1 bag of black polished stones (#139477)
1 bag of white polished stones (#33909)
1 bag of pea gravel (#92130)
3 tubes of clear window/door silicone sealant (#47970)

tape measure
utility scissors
permanent marker
caulk gun
*Does not include applicable taxes, which vary by market, or the cost of tools.



Cody said...

I want that. BAD!!

southern girl said...

I'm with Cody! I want that .. really bad!

Can we add this to things to do when Natalie moves to Columbia file?! Sounds like a great Saturday project.

Miss you!

TLF said...

Love this mat!
It'd be perfect at the front door too!

charlos john said...

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