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Wednesday, February 20, 2008
My name is Natalie "aka: The Pampered Mom." Welcome to my little blog. I am just a country mom, who pamperes herself through thrifty finds and diy projects. I rarely spend money on something I really want, instead I get a huge rush and satisfaction by trying to make it myself. It may not be as pretty, but I feel a piece with flaws gives it a little character! I own two different businesses. The Bridal Solution, llc, is a wedding coordination business, and I also have a Mary Kay business on the side. I love life, and I love spending time with my family!

My Husband is in sales, and is extremely good at that. He is a good old country boy as well, and loves his "races." His dream job would be a professional golfer, which is what he spends all his free time doing! If you don't see him on the golf course, he is probably helping me out around the house. We live in an older house which we have enjoyed updating together to make it at home. He is a great friend, and husband, and a wonderful father.

I have two boys named Braeden and Bayer. They are exremely active, and it's hard to keep up a lot of the time. It's been a blessing to have them in my life, and I would be lying if I said they didn't make me laugh every day. I am also blessed to be able to stay-at-home with them during the day. It's safe to say we do everything together ... they are my little helpers!

We have two gigantic dogs. It;s rediculous most of the time, but we love them. Tank is a great dane/lab mix and we have a beagle named Charlie. Don't let the word beagle confuse you ... he is a 60 lbs dog, who acts more like a baby than a dog. They drive me crazy most of the time, but I couldn't live without them!

I started this blog because the boys are growing soo fast, that I found it hard to keep everyone updated with new experiences & funny stories that Ryan & I often go through on a daily basis. So in an attempt to keep up my correspondence, I am starting this blog. Hopefully everyone will be able to watch my little boy grow as I see it! I also use this blog as an outlet for me to document my thrifty finds and diy projects. I absolutly LOVE comments, so keep em coming!

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