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Monday, May 5, 2008
Yesterday Ryan & I went to Gateway International Raceway in Madison, Illinois with a group of people from Jeff City. It was a really early morning for everyone, and I had forgotten what it was like to get on a party bus at 6:00 AM drinking Cosmo's and trying to hang for the entire event! It's about a 2 1/2 hour drive to Madison. Ryan was getting busy with the beers and I was drinking cosmopolitans all morning long. As soon as we arrived, we had to park the coach bus about a mile and a half away.

I had never been to a drag race before, let alone a professional drag race. It was amazing. The sound that those "cars" make is amazing. I didn't have any idea until you actually lose you breath while they speed by.

It was hot, we were standing, and we were drunk ... not a good combination! By around 3:00 Ryan and I could not hang any longer. We left the stands and went and found a cool place to sit down. Both of us had MEGA headaches, and all I could think about was our bed ... it was terrible.
We finally had to walk a mile back to the bus, and wait for the rest of the group to get back (who all were still drinking!). Thank God the bus was air conditioned. The whole trip back I was fighting trying not to get sick, but my persistence failed and I got sick on the ride home ... I think Ryan is going to have to go solo next year. Even thought I felt awful, I did get some pictures of the event. If you ever have a chance to go, you should at least once!

I forgot to mention that I have a new favorite in Racing. HER name is Ashley Force. Ryan and I waited in line and I was able to get her to sign a little shirt we had bought for Braeden. She signed it ... "To Braeden, Ashley Force"

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