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Sunday, June 8, 2008
It is both a good feeling and a sad feeling the day you realize your little boy is no longer "little." Of course he is still a baby, but our 7th month year old is not the boy we brought home from the hospital.

First Braeden went through the realization that he had hands ... whoa, I know. But he is WAY past that now. Yes, now Braeden is mobile. Before you say ... "He is only 7th months and he is walking and getting into things?" No, no, no. Ryan and I bought him a walker, and let me tell you ... he is EVERYWHERE and getting into EVERYTHING! He has mastered the walker in just a few short days, and now he can get anywhere he wants. He chases the dogs, gives me bruises on the back of my heals, and is getting into things he shouldn't. Can someone say ... "Time to BABY PROOF?"

Impessed yet? Oh Just wait ... Today was filled with new surroundings for Little Man. As soon as the sunscreen hit his skin he was ready to jump in. The Truman Hotel is next to our house and they have a pool that is hardly ever used. Since no one is ever there, we thought it would be a good place to introduce Braeden to the POOL! Let me just say ... HE LOVED IT. It took about 15 minutes until he actually let loose and decided it wasn't so bad, but what a blast we had. We were able to stay for about and hour and a half until we sat down under some shade for a bottle break and Braeden was O... U... T... OUT! It was the cutest thing. I can't wait for more pool adventures!


Cody said...

OHHH I love that video!!! HILARIOUS! That child will not stop growing, I can't believe that was the kid I met almost 8 months ago. And those pool pics are toooooo cute! I'm glad he had such a good time in the water.

erika d. said...

I LOVE the new blog design!! Nice work!

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