{Almost Here}

Thursday, August 28, 2008
So right now it's about T - One day! I would have to say that we are both getting pretty excited. It's really starting for feel real, things are coming together, family is starting to arrive, friends are packing their bags. It's just an overal good feeling.

Tonight was no exception. Our koozie cups came in ... love them, I finished the seating chart and placed it in the frame, and Ryan's aunt Patty arrived, so we had dinner with them. I also go to sneak away for a bit to get a pedicure ... thank God.

Tomorrow is going to be extremely busy, so I don't know if I will post again until after the wedding ... wow! Anyways, before I say goodnight to give myself some much needed beauty sleep, I thought I would show you how Ryan is already using the koozies tonight.

Last post before I am Natalie Imhoff? haha, crazy thought! Goodnight!


Anonymous said...

How exciting!! Have a beautiful day - I can't wait to see pictures!!

jess said...

Love the koozies!! Very cute idea. Have so much fun this weekend! Enjoy every second. Can't wait to see lots of pictures!!!

thekeenefamily said...

I am really excited I cannot wait for the wedding! I hope that everything turns out beautifully!

Saucy said...

Ummmm!!!?? Wedding pictures! PLEASE!!

erika d. said...

Natalie! I just saw your pictures on Silverbox's site. You were stunning! Your hair, your dress, your shoes, everything was beautiful. Congratulations!

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