{First Hair Cut}

Tuesday, September 16, 2008
So while I am anxiously awaiting all of our wedding pictures, I thought I would post some pictures of Braeden's first hair cut! I really cannot believe I am talking about this right now, my little man is seriously growing up SO fast.
Anyways, here is the handsome man ... well, both of the handsome men in my life :)


Cody said...

yeahhhhh glad you're back! I can't wait to hear allllll about it and of course, see pictures when you have time to load some.
I can't BELIEVE this little guy is getting his first trim! What cute pictures...he was being such a good boy for it! :)

jess said...

He is DARLING, Natalie. What a sweet baby. Where did y'all go for your honeymoon?! I'm dying to see pics!!

Jill Schilb said...

I am apparently slow and just now found your blog! Your little guy is so cute. I am totally up for a play date next time we are in town! AND congratulations by the way! Sorry for being late on that but I am so happy for you and Ryan.

thekeenefamily said...

natalie he was so brave. i am having to pull kyleigh's hair out of her eyes everyday now because i do not want to cut it. let me know if you want to do a play date in a few weeks.

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