{Missing The Cruise}

Monday, October 13, 2008
Wow - Seem's like it has been a really long time since I last posted anything to do with the wedding. It seems like it was FOREVER ago, but it's was seriously one of the best times of my life. Ryan even asked me when we could renew our vows ... I mean Come On ... it must have been fun if the Groom wan't to go through all of the drama that comes with planning a wedding again!

I know I have slacked with the honeymoon pictures, so I thought while I was changing the look of my blog, I would go ahead a post a FEW pictures of the amazing cruise that we went on.

To set the scene ... Ryan and I went on a 7 day Carnival Cruise to Mexico, Honduras, Belize and the Bahamas, it was AMAZING! We wish we were still on the boat, sticking out or daily/nightly routine ... Wake up whenever, play in a different country for a day, come back and get ready for dinner, eat as much as you want ... never leaving out dessert, going back to the room for an outfit change, heading to the Ebony Cabaret for a little Karaoke, hitting up the casino, enjoying adult comedy nightly, grabbing pizza at 1:00 AM and then ending up in our room with Bill and Jess playing quarters ... gosh I miss that!

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thekeenefamily said...

it looks like you had a great time. i cannot wait to take an actualy honeymoon with reade. i bet it will be lots of fun. and ps i am so jealous that water looks amazing.

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