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Monday, November 10, 2008
Lots of things have happened this past week, and it seems like I have so much to say, but really ... there is not much news. Ryan and I decided it would be best for me to go back to work to help out, so I have been applying for jobs this week. I have been researching day cares for Braeden to go to, but none seems good enough for him. I am pretty sure I have found one ... I just don't think I am really ready to let him go yet :(

Today, Braeden and I went to Papa Murphy's Pizza ... with MOPS we were able to go and each kid made their own medium pizza for FREE. It was soo nice of them, and we were able to share that with Ryan tonight when he got off work.

Other than that, I am getting ready for a long weekend. My mom and I are traveling to Chicago to go see my Grandma and introduce her to Braeden ... it will be so nice once we get there, but the trip ... well ... not exactly looking forward to the drive! I will be sure to take lots of pictures this weekend, so I will have something to post about!


thekeenefamily said...

Wow all the way to Chicago...eek and I thought driving down past Cape was a big deal. Atleast he has his lap top. The next vehicle we get is going to have a DVD player I can promise that. Kyleigh and I are going to go up to see my brother in the Sound of Music this weekend. I had no idea he could sing.

Saucy said...

What kind of work will you be looking for?

Cody said...

ahhhhh now I see why you're going to Chicago. That's fun, and good that you'll be able to introduce Braeden to your Grandma.
I don't think you need a job. You should stay home and take care of your baby forever and ever and ever. :)

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