{Baby Announcement}

Tuesday, June 30, 2009
With a little free time tonight (I don't get much anymore) I was able to create Bayler's Birth Announcement. I think it turned out super cute, and I should have some time tomorrow to send it out to some family and friends. I only am getting a few, so of course I will start with family, and what is left I will send to some out of town friends who have not met Bayler yet.

I can't help but tell a story really fast. Today I was sitting on the floor with Braeden playing with some blocks and Bayler was in his car seat sleeping right next to me. Bayler started to cry because he had spit out his pacifier, but Big Bro came to the rescue. Braeden scooted over to Bayler, picked up his pacifier & put it back in Bayler's mouth! How freaking cute is that? How many 21 month year olds do you know that would even notice something so little? He is such a good little man!

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Cody said...

oh my goodness girl, that announcement is too CUTE! I don't know where you find/how you make these things but I love it. I hope you're getting some rest!

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