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Friday, July 24, 2009
It Friday! We are still patiently waiting for our proofs from last Saturday of little Bayler. I can't wait to get them back, and put them up around the house. I LOVE newborn pictures, and I think everyone who has a baby should do this, because you can never get that time back. This picture of Bayler and I was taken a few moments before our photographer arrived ... hopefully her's will be better :)

In the meantime, I captured a few pictures from this morning. The first is for the Grandpas, and the second is a picture of Braeden getting ready to give Bayler a big juicy kiss :)

I mentioned in a couple posts back that I am going to be "painting our counter tops." Yesterday I grabbed the kids and piled them in the car for a fun trip to Lowe's! I ended up taking this picture of the granite I like, hopefully I will be able to recreate this... what do you think? My goal is to start on this project in August.

Another project I am going to try to get done in August is this door. Now, a black door will not look so good at our house, but I am going to do this on the front door so it faces the street. I haven't picked a color yet, but I am hoping it turns out something like this ...

And finally, many of you know that this has been a LONG year. First year of marriage, being pregnant the whole time, exhausted all the time ... yeah, I'm craving a Vacay ... BAD. Although we don't have any planned at the moment, I am thinking that I could just spend a couple of afternoons/evenings on something like this ... with sweet tea and book in my hands! My kids would never leave me alone out there for course, but it's a nice thought ... and looks "oh so relaxing!" You can see more pictures of these hanging porch beds here.


JennyLee said...

Your kids are so so cute! Your projects look so fun. We aren't ready to buy just yet but I'm gonna tuck the house number idea away. I love it!

J said...

I can't wait to hear all about the counter painting project!! The granite piece looks awesome! I can't wait to hear how it turns out!!

I totally hear ya about a vacay!! You deserve a vacation sometime soon! I hope you are able to get away...even if it is for a weekend! :)

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