{Men of the Club #2}

Friday, August 21, 2009
I promised you more pictures from Men of the Club, so here they are! I will still have more pictures coming, and I hoping to have those before next week.

As I mentioned before, there were three different competitions for the evening. Swimsuit, Talent and Evening Wear.

Ryan and the 2 other guys came out for swimwear with kiddie pools, and pretended to do synchronized swimming. All of a sudden the music stopped, they acted confused, and then they started busting out to "Tricky!"

For their talent competition, the guys did the "Single Ladies" dance ... it Rocked!

And finally for the evening wear competition, Ryan came out in a pink dance dress, and did a rhythmic dance with a ribbon want to "I Feel Pretty."

Let me just say this ... it was for the children, and I am sure no one will ever see him do anything like that again! (As soon as I get some video rights, I'll post some footage on here!)

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JennyLee said...

Oh girl, those photos are PRICELESS!!!!

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