{Exotic Animal Paradise}

Friday, June 11, 2010
Yay, us Imhoff's LOVE Exotic Animal Paradise! If you have never been, it's this wild animal safari in Springfield, Missouri. You literally drive up, get your bag(s) of feed and begin the adventure.

I know some of you city girls are squirming in your seat right now! But seriously, you take a vehicle you don't care much about, and you drive through this wild animal infested trail. The animals literally come up to your car, stick their head in, and wont leave you alone until you give them food. They block you in, they refuse to move, and it's just down right hilarious. Some of their tongues are longer than my arm!!

The animals range from camels, zebras, tigers, bears, deer, and goats. I think they said they had over 200 different animals species. CRAZY. We always go once a year, and this year was Braeden's first "interactive" year. HE WENT NUTS! All I have been hearing about for the past week was how cool the zebra's were!

Look how much fun we had! ** WARNING: PICTURE OVERLOAD **


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JennyLee said...

This looks like so much fun! I wanna go!

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