{Men of the Club 2010}

Tuesday, August 24, 2010
Every year men from our community come together to support the Boys and Girls club in a male pageant fundraiser. Each male prepares a swimsuit, talent and formal wear act. Let me just say, this is not a family event :) It gets a little risque, and women run up with dollar bills for the acts they like the best. It is hilarious!

Ryan was in this competition last year (see last years post here.) He actually won... I don't know whether to be proud or embarrassed :) Betsy, over at Giggles & Bits, is one of the MC's for the night ... she does not disappoint!!

Check out some of this years pictures from Jennifer's Photography here in town.

Here is some of the pictures I took of the Hubs from the evening. (You can tell I am not a professional photographer) Since Ryan won last year, he got to come back and get the crowd going, place the crown on the pedestal, and then do an encore skit while the judges were deliberating. Of course I totally thought his skit was the best of the night :)

If you live in the area, and have not attended before, DO NOT miss this event next year. It's for a great cause, and who doesn't like to see guys dancing around all night? Next year is the "All-Star" year, where past winners come back to preform ... I guess it's Ryan's third year in a row! See you next year!



Anonymous said...

AGREED...Ryan's skit WAS the best of the night!!! :) This night is my FAVORITE night of the year!!!

Anonymous said...

I hated to turn you down on the invite. Darn karate and the stuff we do for our kids! Next year, we are on =)

JennyLee said...

That event looks like too much fun! ;) You looked beautiful!

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