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Wednesday, January 5, 2011
If there is one thing I can't stand about all the new technology it's the WIRES. Ugh, it literally drives. me. insane!

Luckily, my husband and I have upgraded a few things and invested in some unique storage containers. I'll warn you ... this cost me a whopping $10.00, but it puts me in a happy place knowing everything has its own place. And ... if you have a organizationally challenged husband like myself ... then this idea will help make it easy for him to use and to look for items as well!

All I did was purchase a cheap shoe organizer that hangs on the door. For this purpose I wanted it to be clear. I use this mainly for odds and ins for technology. Chargers, extra tv wires, remotes, computer cords, usb, etc. My husband loves this so much he praises me every time he opens the door too :) Now, this is in a closet that we use only, not something that our guests would accidentally open, but it is near the family room so it's easy access. I just love it because it makes my life SOO much easier ... and we all know "when I'm not organized, I am not loving."


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Anonymous said...

all of your tips are clever and helpful, but this is downright genius (and fool-proof for an organizational idiot like me!!)

love your style & ideas, thanks for this one -- $10 is super cheap considering all the time i've wasted looking for cords, headphones, etc!!

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