{Ryan's Office - Before & Almost}

Monday, April 11, 2011
I say almost because I don't have anything up on the walls yet. Most likely, I will have something by next week and of course I will share it with you all. The whole process of painting and decorating the office was crazy. It seemed like everything that could go wrong ... did ... plus some.

First things first, I did a little research. What's out there, what catches my eye, what can I build upon. For me, this part was easy. I had saw these beautiful globes on sale at Target the week before, and I KNEW I wanted to use them. So ... I simply started building from there. The color for me was easy, but it took Ryan some convincing. I think he wanted to stay in a neutral color, which I totally get. It just wasn't what I was envisioning.

Here is my sketch of his office ...

So after I had my sketch {and Ryan approved}, I headed out to Lowes ... grabbed the exact blue I was looking for ... Valspar's Belle Grove Victory Blue

And then headed to Target for some masculine office decor {something that I am not used to picking out.} LOVE what I found though ... only problem ... they were out of white frames ... guess those will have to wait.

Here are the before & ALMOST complete office pictures ...

I LOVE the way it all came together, even though it wasn't ideal. The pinstripe was TERRIBLE, and we tried it multiple times .... so, it's all blue. Now all that needs to be done is pictures hung on the wall, and we'll be done!

What do you all think of the chalkboard wall?


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