{State Fair Fun: 2011}

Thursday, September 1, 2011
This year I decided to take the kids to the State Fair ... by myself! I know what you're thinking, especially if you have met my two boys ... but I was feeling really brave!

I packed the burb that morning with everything I could possibly need, and to an outsider, it probably looked like I was leaving on a 5 day trip out of state. Nope! Just a couple hours away :)

My dad works at the Fair in the Beef House, so it's an easy place to meet him for a quick lunch, and let the boys run around. It was an absolutely beautiful day, low temps for the most part, and hardly any clouds in the sky.

We took a few trips around, heading to the children's zoo, the forestry department to see all the fish, and stayed just long enough to give Smokey Bear a high five. The kids absolutely loved it! And the perks of knowing someone who works there? Getting taken on a tour of the fair in a Gator ... heck yes! The kids thought they were fair royalty!

I am still working on my photography skills, so please be nice when looking at the photos :)

And the best part was when Ryan showed up around 5:00 and had dinner and took Braeden on a few rides!

Also, I have found one of my photography muses ... I love photographing ferris wheels! I could take pictures of them all day!

Aren't they beautiful? LOVE


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