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Tuesday, October 1, 2013
Introducing ... the newest member of our family ... our over-sized, lovey lantern!
I can't tell you how many hours I searched for a lantern exactly like this one.  I mean, I spent days, months even, trying to track down a moderately-priced hanging interior lantern.

Would you believe that this guy was a stones throw away from me the whole time?
I work near a small, high-end interior design & furniture store.
I walked in there with the hubs one day after lunch, saw it from a distance and knew it was mine!

Can you believe I paid only $250?

If you look online, these bad boys go over over $1,000 EASY!  This particular one had been installed in a clients home, which later was taken down because she felt it was too big for her space.  SO, to move it, they priced it to sell!

From this ....

to this ...

And FINALLY ... to thisss...

So far, it's easily the best addition we've made to the house thus far!

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