Imhoff House: Our Dirty Little Secret

Monday, November 4, 2013
It's not secret that moving into a new house is a LOT of work!  More that what most would prefer, espeically if you're moving a family.  Like any house, it needed to be cleaned ... however, our house ... basically needed all hands on deck.  It seriously was one of the dirtiest houses I had been in - in a LONG time.  From the outside and just walking around,  you wouldn't have thought so.  But when you're moving and getting down to the nitty gritty - you start to see things that you didn't before.

For example, moving our stove ... terribly dirty, and we would never have know just walking through the house.  During the first open house, we both agreed that if we moved in, there would need to be some serious changes to the basement.  What was fine for the family before ... was not going to work for us.  We knew that for sure.  From the multicolored berber carpet to the webs on the ceiling, our basement quickly became our dirty little secret.

These photos don't even really show how terrible it was.  I know people who came over wondered why we bought this house after seeing the basement!

When guests would come over to the house, we were in total defense mode.  We either skipped the basement completely, or tried to dodge the subject of the basement all together during tours. It was the worst of the worst.  One of the first things the hubs did when he moved in was rip it up.  It was wet underneath, it came up in a million tiny pieces, and the smell ... let's not even talk about the smell!

Let me tell you ... it wasn't pretty ...

However now ... it's quickly gone from a place where we wouldn't dare, to a place where we are excited to spend some quality time!

I'll begin sharing this week how we went from drab to FAB!  And it really didn't cost all that much!

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