The Pampered Mom's Christmas Tree 2013

Monday, December 2, 2013
It smells like Frasier fur's in our house tonight.  I love that fresh-tree smell, don't you?
It seems like since we moved into this house, all I have done is bring boxes in, sort and organize the contents and put everything away.  Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving, I am pleased to report that we have FINISHED the house in regards to boxes and items put in their respected places.  Boy did it feel good!
We hosted Thanksgiving at our house this year, so by Thursday evening, I was exhausted.  It has taken us 3 months to finally get the house to where we were ready to invite friends and family over, and then decorating for Fall and Thanksgiving on top of that, really did me in.  However, I must say, I loved every minute of it, and Thanksgiving couldn't have gone better!  I sold my nice DSLR camera a few weeks ago, so I didn't have a camera to take an photos of our tablescape and family who arrived at the house... next year!

Today, I brought up all of our Winter and Christmas Decorations.  Ryan asked me why I was in such a great mood today ... probably because I got to decorate for my favorite season of the year :)  I have the same routine each time ... pop in my Michael Buble or James Taylor Christmas Holiday CD's and get to work!  Each year is different, each year is something new, and I LOVE IT!

We have tall ceilings in our family room, so we knew we needed to get a tree that would at least make a statement, and we always buy REAL trees for our main living level.  I always flock our tree, making it more of a white snow-like effect before I string the lights and hang the ornaments.  I absolutely love the way it turned out.  The mix of whites, silvers and feathers .. just creates this luminous affect in our family room.  

Here is the pre-ornament and post-ornament shot of our tree this year

Hope everyone has a great holiday season!  I know we're going to enjoy every minute of ours!

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