Team Imhoff's Fireplace Progress ... Completed

Sunday, March 2, 2014
It's Done!  The process is complete and we adore the new tile!  You know when you move into a new house and think about all the things you would change if it was yours ... the fireplace was one of the items that made the list.   Was it as high as the basement ... umm no, but, it was something that I continued to be persistent about. 
Before the fireplace had the green marble tile ... remember when that was in?  Yeah, me either!
I knew I wanted something more neutral, but I wasn't quite sure what that was.  Our usually Sunday trips to lowes, I found the white marble.  The perfect, most beautiful small subway tile white marble.
We couldn't have made it happen with out one of my husbands good friends, Bryan .. so THANK YOU!!!  He really helped and Ryan was able to finish it up after he left ... so he must have been a great teacher!  I am SOOO thrilled about how it turned out.  It's stunning and beautiful.  And the funny thing is, it doesn't stick out so it's not a show stopper, it just looks like it should have been there from the start!

Next up backsplash?  We'll see ....

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