The Pampered Mom's Favorite Beauty Products of 2014

Friday, December 12, 2014
It's that time of year again, where I list my FAVORITE Beauty Products of 2014!
You may remember last year we started this tradition, and the goal is to share mine, in hopes that you will share YOURS with us as well! 
You can find last years Favorite Products HERE.  I won't duplicate, but YES, I still love each and everyone of the items on my list from 2013.  Some products I have changed and others I have found through trial and error.  So, here is MY list of beauty products that I have fallen in love with and that I use on an almost daily basis!
The Pampered Mom's Favorite Beauty Products of 2014

1. Naked 2 Eye Shadow Pallet by Urban Decay  2. Sephora Beauty Brushes  3. Clarisonic Mia 2  
4.  Aveda Dry Remedy   5. Youique 3D Fiber Mascara   6. Two Faced Brow Envy Brow Kit
7. NYX BB Cream  8. Chi Magnified Volume

 Sephora Brushes have changed my day-to-day beauty routine.  I used to use another brand's brushes and I thought they worked great.  It wasn't until I need to replace a brush that I stumbled upon one of their brushes while passing their store. It was an impromptu buy and once I got the brush home, I realized how my older brushes were WAY different. Back to the store I went to replace all my brushes.  I have never looked back!!  You can find them at Sephora Online or In Store HERE.
 While I was working in the office one morning, probably complaining about my hair and needing something different to keep it healthy, one of my co-workers brought this little beauty to my attention.  At first I thought the Aveda Dry Remedy would make my hair a little greasy since I have very thin fine hair ... but it was the opposite.  I use this produce every morning after my shower on towel dried hair.  You can find this product online, in store or at your nearest Aveda Salon.  To find online, click HERE.

The NYX BB Cream is new to me - but it's my favorite for MANY reasons.  #1.  The Price!  So cheap.  But also because of the way it works on my skin.  I have used probably 50 different BB Creams before this one, and I only picked this up because I was in a bind on the road.  It quickly became  my go-to.  It's light on your skin and doesn't feel like there is anything there.  I do suggest setting this product with a mineral powder like I do to keep it in place.  With all the benefits, I strongly suggest everyone use a BB Cream in place of their normal foundation which is heavy and has no benefits! I get mine at Target!
I also love my Chi Magnified Volume.  After moving to Texas where the wind blows daily, I needed to find a product that wouldn't be sticky on my hair, would allow my hair to actually move but still keep my curls in place.  Enter Chi!  This is a great product that keeps my thin flat hair volumnized and clean at the same time.  And for me, it lasts all day!  Event Better!!  I get mine at Ulta or you can click HERE.
 Two Faced Brow Envy!  Don't leave home without using!  While I was walking around Ulta one day, I asked an associate for a suggestion on Brow Kits.  She pointed me in the wrong direction, BUT a customer inside overheard and saved the day.  She came right up to me and handed me this amazing all in one kit.  It's what she used and I am SO glad I found it - or her :)  If you need it, it comes with a how-to guide to perfect brows, a stencil guide and a pallet which includes: A Blonde and Brunette Color, Setting Wax, Highlighting Cream, a brow shaper, tweezers and an angled brush.  PERFECT!  Also find this at Ulta.
Okay, Okay, I am a little late to jump on the bandwagon.  This amazing eye-shadow kit was always on my "wish list." But the price was too much for what I wanted to spend. BUT, one day I got a little crazy and just bought it.  I did, I am such a rebel.  Seriously though, I use it all the time and the colors look great on my skin.  There are actually 3 pallets to choose from, and since I am fair with blue eyes, I picked Naked 2.  I HIGHLY suggest!  Just do it - be a rebel like me :)  Found at Ulta.

If your on a budget, but looking for something to really change your skin, you have to bite the bullet like I did and purchase the Clarisonic Mia 2.  Mine came with the refreshing Gel Cleanser and I love it as well.  This pulsating brush helps to keep my skin bright and illuminated.  I only use mine once a week, but each time I use it, I feel SO good.  My skin just begs for it now.  If your like me and abuse your face by wearing makeup everyday, do your skin a favor and purchase this product.  Your skin will thank you!  You can thank me later :)  I bought mine at Ulta.
I was hesitant to add the Younique 3D Fiber Mascara to the list but when I thought about it, it really does deserve to be added.  I do not sell these lashes, but I feel like I should because they will change your life, like it did mine, if you're used to wearing fake lashes at all.  For me, I have really long lashes as is, I know, don't hate.  So I don't really wear these during the day, but if I go out at night - THIS is what I am wearing.  Seriously, I don't think I will ever wear fake lashes again, there are THAT good!  annnnd you will look AMZING with them.  A stiff price tag for mascara, but I feel like it was worth it for me.!  To purchase, find a local Youique Stylist!
There you have it - my TOP Favorite Beauty Products of 2014.  Again, don't forget to check out what our favorite products where last year by clicking HERE.  Share yours - I need suggestions for 2015!!

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