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Monday, March 9, 2015


It's hard to believe that just 2 months ago we were given this diagram of our landscaping for the new house.  After a few tweaks, we were happy with the plan in general.  You don't get a lot of say when it comes to the landscaping they provide.  It depends on the season, what they will have in stock and all must go a long with the "rules" of the neighborhood.  We also had to take into account all pants that could withstand extreme Texas heat.  Since I am not from Texas myself, I had to look up most of the plants before accepting the proposal.
The first diagram had a lot of red tones right up against our brick  It wasn't my ideal choice, and after some back and forth, we ended up choosing a more monochromatic pallet with a lot of green shades.

See Below for a few Tips to Consider before Landscaping your NEW Build!

Here is a sneak peek photo of some of the landscaping.
 Any thoughts on what do you did to make your house "more like your own" with landscaping?

- Tips to Consider Before Landscaping your NEW Build -

1. Select a Plant Pallet
Like I mentioned above, we had a lot of red and green tones when we first were given our landscaping outline.  With our brick having a lot of red tones, I didn't want the landscaping to get lost.  I wanted the landscaping to pop against the house.  Therefore we decided to use a green pallet. We are using different shades of green to compliment the home and hopefully give dimension.  I should say that you don't have to stick to a monochromatic look, you can use an array of colors within a color pallet.  Play around and get creative to create your space!

2.  Create Visual Height and Depth
Once you have the pallet in place, you'll want to use a mixture of both high and low plants and tress.  You'll want to use different hues to create depth.  Lay it out on paper and play around.  Make sure you're using the taller plants in the back, and smaller plants in the front.  This may seem obvious but when you receive your plants, they will all be very small [at least if you're a new build like us], and you may not be able to tell.   Make sure to do your research and use the plants which are known to get larger and taller in the future in the back, even if they're smaller to begin with.

3.  Consider your Outdoor Negative Space
Once you have the first draft of your landscaping diagram, begin to think about your negative space.  Where will you most likely hang out when you're in the yard?  Will you be dining outdoors, do you want to garden?  For us, we wanted the kids to have plenty of space to run and enough room for soccer goals in the back.  Therefore we had to place the trees in a way they wouldn't block our "negative space."  Are you putting in a pool, will you watch movies under the stars?  Whatever it is, you want to really visualize the space and how your landscaping can improve and stay clear of all your expected activities!

4.  Meet the Landscaper
This may be the most important tip when hiring an outside company or individual to landscape your yard.  You can write emails and messages until you're blue in the face, but until you're face-to-face, things can get crossed or forgotten completely.  Make sure everyone has the same plan before you begin.


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