Pampered Mom's Easy Peasy Fruit Crisp Recipe

Saturday, July 11, 2015
We still have the Fourth on our minds here in the Imhoff Household, but I couldn't help but share this super easy dessert that I make YEAR ROUND!  Obviously these ones below are made for the Fourth of July, but just by changing the recipe, you can adapt this sweet treat for just about any holiday or season!
For Summer ::  Peach
Fall :: Apples
Winter :: Cranberry or Cherry
Spring :: Mixed Berry [shown below]

The Crisp:
2 parts bisquick
1 part sugar
1 part melted butter
* mix together *

Add Fresh Fruit to any dish and sprinkle with sugar to get the juices flowing, cover with crisp in patches or shapes.  For Apples, sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar instead!

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29th and Delight said...

Yummmm -- for the baking dummies like me -- how long do you bake and at what temp?

Natalie "The Pampered Mom" said...

Well, I guess this bit of info would be helpful! 350 Degrees for 25 minus or until Golden Brown!

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